Tuesday, January 17, 2023

259 issues of the "North Texas Skeptic" newsletter - as searchable PDFs

The "North Texas Skeptics" group, founded in 1983 as the "Dallas Society to Oppose Pseudo-science", published a newsletter originally entitled "The Skeptic : The Newsletter of the North Texas Skeptics" and subsequently entitled "The North Texas Skeptic".

Editorials in that newsletter give permission to reprint articles, so I wanted to add this newsletter to my free online archive. The North Texas Skeptics' website includes about 100 issues of that newsletter as PDFs, with html pages with the text of about a further 150 issues.  

I contacted the North Texas Skeptics via their Facebook group and that group's administrator, John Blanton, very kindly offered to generate a set of PDF once his current stay in hospital ends.  Now, I may be a lawyer, but I'm not _entirely_ heartless - so I wouldn't want to create any work for someone recovering from a stay in hospital. So, I've created a set of PDFs myself.  

Searchable PDFs of 259 issues of the "North Texas Skeptic" have now been added to the USA folder of my free online UFO / Fortean archive. For the ease of anyone that wants to download a full set, I've also uploaded them to a temporary Wetransfer link so that the entire set can be downloaded with a single click.

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