Friday, November 11, 2022

Another French UFO "catalogue"/database now online - "Catalogue Veronica" (retyped by Patrice Seray)

French UFO researcher Patrice Seray has previously helped obtain permission to make a considerable volume of French UFO material freely available online, often also providing scans of that material.  At times, Patrice appears to have been involved in a friendly competition with SCEAU and some other French UFO groups and researchers to see who could contribute the most to this free online UFO archive. 

Patrice Seray has now provided me with another French "catalogue" / database ("Catalogue Veronica"), this time associated with the French newsletter "Veronica" which was the subject of a previous post.

Patrice had to retype all 108 pages of this PDF to make this old French "catalogue" readable.

I have added this material to the "Veronica" folder in the French section of the online archive I've been helping develop during the last few years.  

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Collection of French UFO "catalogues"/databases from CNEGU plus more rare French UFO newsletters ("Veronica" and "Ovni-Info") added to online archive

French researcher Patrice Seray has, once again, helped obtain permission to upload UFO material and also provided relevant scans. 

Firstly, Patrice has obtained permission from CNEGU to upload a collection of French UFO "catalogues" / databases and provided me with copies of them. 

Secondly, Patrice has also provided scans of most issues of some rare French UFO newsletters : "Veronica" and "Ovni Info".

I have added this material to the French folder in the online archive I've been helping develop during the last few years.  

Monday, October 10, 2022

PDFs - 100 searchable issues of "Meyn Mamvro" (Cornwall, UK, Earth Mysteries : "ancient stones and sacred sites in cornwall") - Cheryl Straffron

The editor of "Meyn Mamvro", Cheryl Straffron, kindly responded positively to my request for permission to add copies of that newsletter to the online archive. So, I've rendered 100 issues searchable and added them to the UK folder.

"Meyn Mamvro" is devoted to Earth Mysteries, particularly "ancient stones and sacred sites in cornwall". However, there have been the occasional article, particularly in the early days, that - as its editors put it to me - "strayed into Crop Circle and anomalous aerial territory".

Scans were already available on Cheryl's "Meyn Mamvro" website, but I thought it worth adding to the online archive as a backup and to make it more accessible. Also, the copies currently on Cheryl's website are not searchable and some of you know that I like to have material in an easily searchable format. :)

While it's not really an area I focus upon very much (with my primary focus being on UFO material), "Earth Mystery" publications that I've already uploaded (to the UK folder at the link above) include:
(1) The first 70 issues of "The Ley Hunter" (with permission from the editors of those issues - with permission from Philip John Heselton, Jimmy Goddard and Paul Screeton 
(2) "Earth" (Paul Bennett's newsletter of "Paganism, Fortean & Earth Mysteries"), with Paul's permission
(3) 121 out of 122 issues of Touchstone ("Surrey Earth Mysteries", UK, 1983 onwards), with permission from its editor (Jimmy Goddard)
(4) "Amskaya", again with permission from Jimmy Goddard
(5) "Ancient Skills and Wisdom Review", "Terrestrial Zodiacs Newsletter" and "The Shaman" with the permission of their editor, Paul Screeton
(6) "Earthquest News" and "Supernaturalist" with permission from Andrew Collins
(7) "At the Edge" with permission from Bob Trubshaw
(8) Many more general Fortean publications with Earth mysteries content.

Saturday, October 8, 2022

PDF: "Sequel to Scoriton" (by Norman Oliver, 1968) - Extremely rare booklet casting doubt on "notorious" and "(in)famous" UFO claim

Eileen Buckle's book "The Scoriton Mystery" (1967) detailed an investigation into the claims of Ernest Arthur Bryant to have met an Venusians in April 1965 in Scoriton, Devon (UK). One of the aliens Bryant claimed to have met allegedly gave its name as "Yamski" and implied it was the reincarnation of contactee George Adamski.

Jerome Clark, author of the impressive "UFO Encyclopedia", has referred to the Scoriton episode as "notorious" [on the UFO Updates email discussion list, on 14 February 2008]. An article on Rich Reynold's "UFO Conjecture(s)" blog in 2007 referred to the Scoriton "mystery" as "(In)famous"

The year after publication of that book, further investigations by Norman Oliver of BUFORA were detailed in his booklet, "Sequel to Scoriton". Summarising the position in the light of his father's further investigations, Norman Oliver's son recently commented that "There was little doubt that it was a fabrication and one perpetrated by individuals (whom he could not name without conclusive evidence) who should have known better, for reasons it is difficult to fathom".
Norman Oliver recently passed away. Norman Oliver's son came across some copies when sorting through his things and donated them to the AFU in Sweden. He mentioned to me that his father "spent much time and effort (as well as money!) investigating ... indeed it dominated his spare time over a considerable period".

His father apparently "upset the publishers of the book he and the late Eileen Buckle published on the story, not to mention Eileen herself, by insisting that the truth had to be told and self-publishing the sequel".

With the permission of Norman Oliver's son, this very rare booklet has now been scanned by the AFU in Sweden and I have uploaded a searchable copy to the online archive.

Given more recent debates regarding injuries possibly caused by UFO encounters, it is interesting to read in this booklet differing views as to cause and effect (if any) in relation to a brain tumour that Bryant had. Norman Oliver considered that the events were a fabrication by Bryant, and expressed the view that "worry" about being caught "caused the tumour to become active at this particular time". John Cleary-Baker (then editor of BUFORA's journal) asked "was the tumour responsible for the UFO or the UFO for the tumour?". Captain Ivan Mackay (then BUFORAs' chairman) suggested that Bryant may have had "a near sighting which may well have either caused a tumour or accelerated the growth of an incipient one".

Thursday, October 6, 2022

New folder for UFO newsletters from Luxembourg ("CLEU"), and more from Ukraine ("Fata Morgana")

Patrice Seray in France has kindly provided me with scans of the journal "Chroniques de la CLEU". CLEU was the "Commission Luxembourgeoise D'Etudes Ufologiques", a group in Luxembourg for the study of UFOs in the 1970s-1980s. This organization was part of the CNEGU, which is a UFO research group bringing together several members of other UFO organizations in the East of France. I have created a new folder for UFO magazines/newsletters from Luxembourg.

Ukrainian UFO researcher Igor Kalytyuk has provided a scan of yet another newsletter from Ukraine. This one was entitled "Fata Morgana". I will be uploading other material from Igor, including UFO material from the USSR, shortly.


Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Devon and Cornwall (UK) UFO and Earth Mysteries newsletters added to archive: "Wisht Maen" and CUFORG's "Skywatchers"

I've added a couple of UFO and Earth Mysteries newsletters from Devon and Cornwall (which are among the most beautiful areas of England...) to the free online archive I've been helping to create.

"Skywatchers" was published by CUFORG [the "Cornwall UFO Research Group"] in the 1990s.  Issues are now very rare, as demonstrated by the fact that in my informal network of UFO researchers/groups only 2 issues were available (both held by the AFU in Sweden).  So, issues 11 and 26 are now online - with permission from Dave Gillham of CUFORG.  CUFORG still has an active Facebook group. I'll continue trying to obtain scans of further issues.

"Wisht Maen" was published by Tracey Brown and focused on Earth Mysteries in Devon. Tracey made all 5 issues of her newsletter freely available online on the Megalithic Portal website about a decade ago.  I've obtained better scans of that newsletter from the AFU in Sweden and presume (from the fact that she made some scans available) that she would be happy for the improved scans to also be made freely available online.  (I have tried emailing Tracey at an email address she used a decade ago, but not had any reply. Frankly, I don't even know if she is still around).

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Jack Houck documents on John Alexander's UFO Working Group / "Advanced Theoretical Physics Conference" - from Melinda Leslie

Melinda Leslie has joined those contributing material to the online UFO archive I've been helping to develop during the last decade. Melinda has kindly provided me with copies of some documents relating to the first meeting "UFO Working Group" [or "Advanced Theoretical Physics" group] organised by John Alexander in the 1980s.  These documents were included in Jack Houck documents. Melinda was given access to them by Jack Houck's widow after his death.  

A searchable PDF version of these documents is at: 

(Most of the notes from Oke Shannon in the PDF I uploaded yesterday relate to the same meeting, and the two sets of notes can usefully be read in conjunction with one another). 

Although I initially understood that these notes would include new material, I recognised all of them as having previously been put online by Keith Basterfield in one of his blog articles about the Working Group after he received them from Melinda.  Some of these new scans from Melinda are a little better. (Some were not, so I've used a mix of Melinda's old and new scans). In any event, I rather like having searchable PDFs of UFO documents rather than just images of them - as some of you may have noticed...

These notes from Jack Houck are discussed by Grant Cameron, Melinda Leslie and Nicole Sakach on Nicole's Youtube channel: