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McDonnell-Douglas aircraft company UFO research project - searchable copy of about 200 pages of documents

Oke Shannon's notes in relation to a presentation by Bob Wood of the McDonnell-Douglas aircraft company [previously "Douglas Aircraft"] to John Alexander's UFO Working Group (the "Advanced Theoretical Physics Conference") refer at page 18 of the PDF I uploaded yesterday to a $500,000 effort by that company during 1967-1969.  I've received a few requests for any information that is known regarding that project, which appears to have been a surprise to some people.  Here's a collection of about 200 pages of searchable PDFs in relation to that project. It includes material produced by Stanton Friedman and by Robert Wood when they worked for the McDonnell-Douglas UFO project.

In very brief terms, the McDonnell-Douglas aircraft company sought to derive some commercial advantage from studying UFO reports (including reports by abductees and contactees). They planned a mobile field unit to gather data using various instruments and also employed a psychic.

As outlined below, several people (including me) have previously written about that McDonnell-Douglas project and - more importantly - provided relevant documents. In particular, Grant Cameron has previously made these 200 pages of material available online more than a decade ago with technical assistance from Andrew Johnson on the Checktheevidence.com website.  That upload was discussed by Grant Cameron and Nicole Sakach in a video on Nicole's Youtube channel yesterday regarding the Oke Shannon notes (from about 56 minutes 30 seconds into that video).

For ease of reference and searching, I've created a searchable copy of those documents and (with permission from Andrew Johnson) added this copy to the rapidly growing folder I've been developing to store documents provided by Grant Cameron at:

Bob Wood has described about the McDonnell-Douglas project in various articles and books, particularly in a MUFON Journal article (in the October 2008 issue, number 486) [I really should chase MUFON for permission to upload high quality scans of older issues of that journal] and in Steven Greer's book "Disclosure".  Keith Basterfield has also posted on his blog about this McDonnell-Douglas study. The study also featured briefly a few minutes before the end of Nick Cook's documentary "UFOs : The Secret Evidence" (which can be seen on Youtube). More recent blog posts by Keith Basterfield and Curt Collins have provided updates in relation to further documents relating to a subsequent McDonnell-Douglas project related to UFOs: Project Skylite.

Dr Robert Wood has also discussed the relevant project (and his other UFO research) in the video below:

Robert Wood was one of the first members of the UFO Working Group organised by John Alexander to discuss that group. For example, Tim Good reported in his book “Need to Know” (in Chapter 22) that Robert Wood had confirmed to Tim Good in 2005 that he was an attendee of the UFO Working Group meetings. Robert Wood reportedly stated:

"I was there … The 1985 meetings were held in the basement at BDM. The idea was to pool our knowledge of UFOs to see what we could conclude. Several people made presentations, mostly not very classified. I was out of the room for a few minutes while some special subject was discussed. All my notes were classified at the time, and they have probably been destroyed."

George Hansen in his book “The Trickster and the Paranormal” states that “McDonnell Douglas physicist Dr. Robert M. Wood” is known “for his interest in UFOs, and he was the boss of Jack Houck, who in the 1980s popularized metal-bending PK parties”. Hansen comments that “A number of military personnel, including Alexander and Stubblebine, attended those parties, and Alexander later organized parties himself (In 1982 I assisted both Houck and Alexander in organizing parties) … Robert and Ryan Wood later became notorious for touting some ludicrous UFO documents which suggested, among other things, that Albert Einstein, Robert Oppenheimer, and J. Edgar Hoover were killed because of their knowledge and involvement with UFOs”.

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