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PDF: Notes on Advanced Theoretical Physics Conference (UFO Working Group) added to Grant Cameron folder in archive - PDF version included

With thanks to Grant Cameron, I’ve converted (with his permission) the Oke Shannon’s notes released by Grant Cameron into a 26 page PDF, in the order of Grant’s scans (including a duplicated page, which means that they are 25 different pages). I've added this to part of an online folder I recently created for material from Grant Cameron. (Thousands of pages of further documents will be added to that folder shortly). 

Here's a direct link to a PDF version of Oke Shannon's notes, as currently being discussed by Grant Cameron and Nicole Sakach on her Youtube channel:

The notes by Oke Shannon helpfully released to the public by Grant Cameron are interesting and add to the information available regarding the “Advanced Theoretical Physics” UFO working group. However, I fear those notes will cause some confusion if the content is taken at face value.Oke Shannon’s notes should not be taken as entirely reliable statements of fact. In general, he was simply writing down various claims and reports. Those claims have to be evaluated in context. Unfortunately, sources (and any supporting evidence) are rarely made clear within Oke Shannon's notes.

I have in mind, for example, statements in Oke Shannon's notes such as “Navy has info” and (in relation to the Rendlesham Forest incidents of 1980) “Small people - like children (3) floated out .. Film made & flown to Germany”.

The statement “Navy has info” appears on a page recording claims by remote viewer Ed Dames (with the notes on that presentation being amongst the most detailed taken by Oke Shannon at the conference). Ed Dames is a colourful and controversial figure within the remote-viewing community and also the UFO community. He is well known for making sensational claims, particularly on Art Bell’s radio shows. (He is sometimes referred to as “Dr Doom”). Several pages of the undervalued “UFO Watchdog” website refer to numerous alleged failed predictions by Ed Dames.

Furthermore, the note that "Navy has info" is followed by the words "Philadelphia exp was related?". It is now generally acknowledged that the claims regarding the "Philadelphia Experiment" were a hoax that was uncovered fairly easily. See, for example, Jacques Vallee's article "Anatomy of a Hoax" and material about Carlos Allende by by Robert A Goerman.

As for the statements in Oke Shannon's notes regarding the Rendlesham Forest case (or the "Woodbridge, England case", no source is stated in the Oke Shannon notes. Those very brief notes contain some basic factual errors (e.g. referring to the events being on “two consecutive nights”, when in fact the main events were on the first and third relevant nights not two consecutive nights).

The remainder of the notes regarding the Rendlesham Forst incident appear to overlap substantially with the claims of Larry Warren. Those claims had been reported prior to the ATP conference in British tabloid newspapers (notably in a front cover article in the News of the World entitled "UFO Lands In Suffolk" on 2 October 1983 and a follow-up article on 6 November 1983). Larry Warren is now generally regarded (even by those that consider the Rendlesham Forest case to be interesting) as - um - unreliable.

Even veteran UFO researcher Peter Robbins, who co-authored a book called "Left at East Gate" with Larry Warren, issued a statement in 2017 about catching Larry Warren in "outright lies".

More generally, pay attention to who was involved initially in the Advanced Theoretical Physics conference and when they ceased to be present for its discussions. Consider why they did not bother staying for the full thing. Also keep in mind the outcome of the Advanced Theoretical Physics conference.

For ease of reference, I'll also include a link to the recent "Project Unity" interview of Oke Shannon:

By the way, I wrote a bit about some of the players involved in the Advanced Theoretical Physics conference and some overlapping issues in 2015 at the link below. My 2015 item was written before meeting some of those involved and before obtaining some further relevant information/material and doing quite a bit more research, so it’s a bit incomplete and shorter than if I wrote a similar item now - some 7 years later.

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