Monday, March 6, 2023

125+ issues of REALL News (skeptical "Rational Examination Association of Lincoln Land" newsletter) - Martin Kottmeyer et al - SOME ISSUES CURRENTLY MISSING

The "REALL News" newsletter of the skeptical "Rational Examination Association of Lincoln Land" included quite a few articles on UFOs by under-rated researcher Martin Kottmeyer, in addition to material by other skeptics on a wide range of topics.  

(Martin is a veteran UFO researcher. He has worked tirelessly within ufology for many years, doing in-depth research and giving insightful views. He is, however, rather skeptical - which probably is the main reason why he doesn't have a much higher profile within ufology...).

Various issues of the "REALL News" newsletter contain a statement granting permission for material to be reprinted, so I have added over 125 issues to my free online archive.

A few issues remain missing. I hope that the missing issues (particularly several issues from Volumes 11 and 12) will be available soon. 

I'll paste below an updated list of some of the skeptical publications now in my online archive. I'm waiting for permission to upload some further skeptical newsletters (but in some cases I've been waiting for a response from the relevant skeptical editors/groups for a few years).

(1) "Skeptic UFO Newsletter" by Philip Klass 

(2) John Rimmer's "Magonia

(3) Ian Mrzyglod's "Probe"  

(4) Tim Printy's "SUNlite" 

(5) "Tampa Bay Skeptics Report"

(6) "North Texas Skeptic"

(7) "South Shore Skeptic"

(8) "Arizona Skeptic"

(9) "Phoenix Skeptics News

(10) "Georgia Skeptics" newsletter

(11) "Bay Area Skeptics Information Sheet

(12) "Cincinnati Skeptic"

(13) "REALL News"  (Rational Examination Association of Lincoln Land)

(14)   a PDF archive of about 10,000 pages of Tweets by skeptics Mick West and Charlie Wiser

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