Friday, July 30, 2021

New folder for UFO newsletters from another African country - "Contact (Rhodesia)" (early 1970s) now online

I have now created a new folder for UFO/Fortean newsletters and magazines from Rhodesia, adding to the (limited) material from Africa in the existing folders for Zimbabwe [which includes Cynthia Hind's "Afrinews"] and South Africa [which includes "Approach, "Skywatch", "Aquarian News", "Contact South Africa" and "Southern UFO News"].

Even among the informal network of over 100 UFO groups and researchers that assist in the scanning project, further material from African countries is very, very slim.

The first (and potentially only) UFO newsletters/magazines that I can currently upload from Rhodesia are two issues of the brief "Contact (Rhodesia)" newsletter.

This particular branch of Contact International no longer exists, but I have previously obtained permission from Contact to upload its newsletters.

The two available issues are now online, thanks to scans by the AFU in Sweden.   

Click on the image below for a link to the relevant folder.

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