Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Issues of "The Ley Hunter" (UK, ley lines) edited by Jimmy Goddard and Paul Screeton and Philip John Heselton

"The Ley Hunter" was published between 1965 and 1998. Its website described it as "the longest running journal to cover the 'earth mysteries' complex of study areas (it invented the term over 20 years ago!)", including "'ley lines;, (earth tie geophysical) energies (studied from both a primary sensing - experiential - point of view and that of physical monitoring), folklore, traditional lifeways, archaeology, all aspects of geomancy or sacred geography, shamanism and other aspects of archaic consciousness, unexplained natural phenomena, and so on". 

"The Ley Hunter" was published by several editors over the span of those decades, starting with Philip John Heselton, then Jimmy Goddard. It was edited from 1969 to 1976 by Paul Screeton. From Issue 71 it was edited by Paul Devereux and its final editor was Danny Sullivan.

The first three of those editors have kindly given permission for their publications to be uploaded, so I have uploaded up to Issue 70. These issues have helpfully been scanned by the AFU in Sweden.

Paul Devereux has refused permission for his issues to be made freely available online. (Without posting the detail of the explanation for his decision, which is - of course - entirely up to him, in short Paul Devereux considers that archived copies are available to any "genuine historical researcher" and that open public posting online would "serve nobody").

Other newsletters published by Jimmy Goddard that I have previously made available online (in the UK section of the AFU's online archive) with his permission include "Anskaya", "Enigma", "Saucer Forum", "Sky Scouts" and "Touchstone".

Other newsletters published by Paul Screeton that I have previously made available online (in the UK section of the AFU's online archive) with his permission include "Ancient Skills and Wisdom Review", "The Shaman", "Terrestrial Zodiacs Newsletter".

Click below for a link to the folder containing the relevant issues of "The Ley Hunter".

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