Sunday, September 24, 2023

PDF: "UFOs - A British Viewpoint" - book by Jenny Randles and Peter Warrington

Further to my recent uploads of several UFO books by veteran researcher Jenny Randles, I have now uploaded a searchable copy of "UFOs : A British Viewpoint" co-authored by Jenny Randles and Peter Warrington (with the kind permission of both authors).

This was the first book written by Jenny Randles. It was written in 1976 to 1978 and published in August 1979.

It was also the first book in which Jenny Randles (with Peter Warrington) stated that we "really ought to redefine our terms and speak of a UAP" and then define UAPs.   Jenny recently stated to me that using "UAP" instead of "UFO" was literally the first thing they wrote about in this book as "definition of the terms of what you are investigating is always the most important starting point of research".

As indicated by the title of the book, it is focused on British sightings, but the analysis of different categories of UFO reports and of different theories regarding them is more general.

(I have a particular soft spot for this book as it was one of the first sensible books about UFOs that I bought...).

Jenny Randles and Peter Warrington, photographed in 1976 when they had just started writing this book:

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