Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Rare 1950s UFOs newsletters (USA) : CSI New York ("best UFO periodical of its time"), "Flying Saucer Digest" and "Vimana" - CUFOS scans of 3 UFO newsletters added to archive

I've recently received some constructive suggestions for some collaborative efforts from CUFOS, the "Center for UFO Studies" founded by J Allen Hynek in relation to my UFO digitising project. George Eberhart and Mark Rodeghier have decided to allow me to upload their scans of various UFO publications (which have previously been on the CUFOS website, which is now undergoing a redesign).

(Coincidentally (??), I have also recently been spending a bit of time re-organising a lot of scans of documents and casefiles from the CUFOS archives, trying to put them into a more user-friendly and searchable format. I think I've found a way to automate this process, allowing the material in hundreds of files to become more easily accessible).

I've started with uploading searchable scans of the 3 newsletters below from the 1950s to the folder for UFO newsletters from the USA, due to the copyright position in relation to them. (I've previously posted some basic resources on copyright regarding material published in the USA prior to 1964).

(1) "Civilian Saucer Intelligence of New York" Newsletter (CSI New York)

Jerome Clark wrote in his impressive "UFO Encyclopedia" (2nd Edition, Volume 1:A to K) that CSI New York "was a significant presence on the UFO scene" and that "Though its membership was small, what the organization lacked in quantity it made up for in the quality of its personnel, who included such pioneering figures as Ted Bloecher, Isabel L Davis, and Alexander Mebane". Jerome Clark wrote that the CSI Newsletter was "the best UFO periodical of its time—well-edited intelligent thoughtful, and critical-minded".

(2) "Flying Saucer Digest" (ICARF)

This was the newsletter of the "Inter-Continental Aerial Research Foundation".

Although the name is the same, this is separate from the much larger later publication "Flying Saucer Digest" edited by Rick Hilberg - which I have previously uploaded with Rick's kind permission.

(3) "Vimana"

This was the newsletter of the "Detroit Flying Saucer Club". The cover for this newsletter stated "Vimana" is Sanskrit for "Boat of the Air".


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