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Huge audio collection now added to my (free) online UFO archive - Wendy Connors' "Faded Discs" (MP3 files now with transcripts)

Building upon a previous joint project with Giuliano Marinkovic and Roderick Dyke, I have now created a new section in my free online UFO archive, for audio material.  I've started by firstly uploading to that new section a huge audio collection of historical UFO audio material collated and digitally restored by Wendy Connors as part of her "Faded Discs" project. This includes over 700 audio recordings of hundreds of hours of radio UFO news reports, lectures by prominent ufologists, interviews with UFO witnesses in various classic cases and other material.

As a bonus feature (at no additional cost, i.e. also free...), I have included transcripts of these hundreds of hours of recordings. 

I think this is the first time anyone has tried to create transcripts of these recordings. These transcripts are the first I have generated using new computer equipment and are now included my archive as text files and also as searchable PDF files.  (I have managed to combine my new hardware and new software to create hundreds of such transcripts in a day).

Until she retired from the field of UFO research due to ill-health in March 2007, Wendy Connors was the leading researcher in the preservation and dissemination of early audio recordings dealing with UFO phenomena.  Wendy was very active in obtaining audio recording, using various techniques to digitally restore them and improve their sound quality. She transferred many recordings to CDs. 

For several years before her retirement from ufology, Wendy Connors sold some CD compilations of some of those audio recordings. Details were given on her Faded Discs website. Although that website has now been defunct for several years, a cache of Wendy's website can still be found via the Internet Archive).

When Wendy retired from ufology, she placed her materials under the able protection of Rod Dyke. Roderick B. Dyke, is the archivist behind the "Archives for UFO Research" (AUFOR). He underwrote Wendy's equipment for her to properly transfer this audio material, which included a new computer system, tape recorders, and a high speed multi CD duplicator. Roderick B. Dyke also supplied a fair number of recordings to be transferred. 

Another American ufologist, Thomas Tulien, kindly forwarded a permission request from me to Rod Dyke in 2013. Roderick Dyke promptly relied that he had no problem if I wished to upload to any platform the audio materials from Wendy's research, as long as:

(1) it is made clear that no rights are implied and no materials may be used in a way to profit financially from them; and

(2) proper credit is given to (a) Wendy Connors and (b) Roderick B. Dyke as archivist of the Archives for UFO Research.

Of course, I had no problem at all with either condition.

Incidentally, there is an indication of the other material that was held by Wendy on a webpage on the Project 1947 website. I hoped in 2013 that some of that additional material will similarly be made available online. I should revisit that possibility shortly. (It has been on my ufological "to do" list for the last 10 years, with many hundreds of other possibilities...)

Most of Wendy Connors' CDs became difficult (if not impossible) to obtain until a joint project to make them freely available online in 2013 involving the person to whom Wendy Connors entrusted her materials (Roderick B. Dyke, as archivist of the Archives for UFO Researc, "AUFOR"), Giuliano Marinkovic and me.  We made the audio files available on the's Wayback Machine - but some of the links have since died (and we did not have the means back then to include automated transcripts of the recordings, which I personally find a useful additional resource for UFO research).

(When I was involved in that project in 2013, I mentioned that I thought Giuliano Marinkovic was then the current leader in the field of archiving/disseminating ufological audio material and that I couldn't think of any active researcher that was more capable of carrying on the work done by Wendy Connors. Ten years later, my thinking hasn't changed one iota. Working with Giuliano is always a pleasure as he not only does the part of a project that he agrees to do, but often goes further).

I have pasted below relevant descriptions from Wendy Connors of each of her CDs. 

Disc 1 : Ufology: A Primer in Audio (Second Edition) Volume One (1947 - 1964) :33 Tracks - 25+ Hours

Disc 2 : Ufology: A Primer in Audio (Second Edition) Volume Two (1964 - 1967) : 29 Tracks - 24+ Hours

Disc 3 : UFOs across the Ponds (An Audio Retrospective Of British & Australian Cases) : 51 Tracks - 32+ hours

Disc 4 : Project Blue Book : 96 Tracks - 27+ hours

Disc 5 : CE IV : An Audio History of Alien Abduction and Animal Mutilation 1957 - 1976 : 56 Tracks - 25+ hours

Disc 6 : Saucerology : 48 Tracks - 35+ hours

Disc 7 : CE III Humanoids : 34 Tracks - 13+ hours

Disc 8 : Cops & Saucers : 41 Tracks - 12+ hours

Disc 9 : Profiles in Ufology (Volume One - Donald Keyhoe, James E McDonald & Frank Edwards) : 58 Tracks - 33+ hours

Disc 10 : High Strangeness : 19 Tracks - 14+ hours

Disc 11 : Hotline audio reports National UFO Reporting Center : 40 Tracks - 5+ hours

Disc 12 : 1974 - 1977 Audio case reports National UFO Reporting Center : 252 Tracks - 44 hours

My archive includes a PDF outline of the material, but I have pasted that outline below for ease of reference.

Annex Disc 1: Ufology: A Primer in Audio (Second Edition) Volume One (1947 - 1964)



Track Listing

01: SEARCH for the FLYING SAUCERS with Walter Kiernon

Date of Broadcast: 07.10.1947
Running Time: 00:13:09

Synopsis: This is the first public affairs program on the Flying Disc phenomena being observed and reported in the United States and the United Kingdom. The phenomenon was not frightening to people and most reports were taken lightly. This recording is an example.

02: VARIETY PROGRAMS on UFOs 1947 - 1950

Dates of Broadcast: 07.13.1974 & 03.28.1950
Running Time: 00:30:00

Synopsis: Although technically these are not public service programs per se, this medley gives a rare example of how the flying discs and flying saucers were being perceived at the beginning of the modern age of UFOs and its influence on the population. First, Take it or Leave it program monologue from 07.10.1947. Second, Jack Parr Show does a comedy sketch regarding the flying discs on 07.13.1947 and finally the Fibber McGee & Molly comedy program from 03.28.1950.

03: CASE for the FLYING SAUCERS with Edward R. Murrow

Date of Broadcast: 05.00.1950
Running Time: 00:27:46

Synopsis: A public affairs program that includes a 1947 telephone interview with Kenneth Arnold, plus several rare recordings of early witnesses to Flying Discs in 1947, 1948 and 1949.

04: THINGS in the SKY

Date of Broadcast: 00.00.1952
Running Time: 00:18:19

Synopsis: A John Keel production for the Armed Forces Radio Services (AFRS) while stationed in Germany during the Korean War. This is an excessively rare recording, because all copies were on acetate discs, which deteriorated rapidly and could catch fire easily. Just as important, John Keel gives a short background to the program and the players, including what many of them did following their stint in the military. This is from his original tape recording of 11.18.1968, which is housed and archived (including his notes) at the Faded Discs Archive. The original recording was done on a compact reel-to-reel tape recorder with a 1.5-inch reel and recorded at 1 7/8 ips!


Broadcast: 00.00.1952
Running Time: 00:24:30

Synopsis: An Australian radio docudrama based upon an actual event. This episode is about a man who fakes being attacked by a flying saucer. This is a rare recording and the earliest known recording that uses the acronym, U.F.O.

06: AMERICA's TOWN MEETING: Flying Saucers, Fact or Illusion?

Date of Broadcast: 11.21.1953
Running Time: 00:31:58

Synopsis: An infamous public affairs debate regarding the UFO phenomenon by Major Donald E. Keyhoe, USMC Retired and Jonathan M. Leonard, Science Editor of Time magazine. This program was used as a vehicle to promote Keyhoe's second book, Flying Saucers from Outer Space, Keyhoe was the second writer to introduce the subject to the public with his article for True magazine in late 1949 and his first book based upon that research entitled, Flying Saucers are Real. Keyhoe would later become the second Director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). By all intents and purposes, Donald E. Keyhoe was the first Ufologist and second only to Kenneth Arnold for bringing the subject to the public.


Date of Broadcast: 10.13.1954
Running Time: 00:26:12

Synopsis: An early religion-based program that takes a look at the possibility of contact with a flying saucer and its occupants from a religious point of view. Historically important recording, as it refers to actual events, such as the Washington National Airport case of UFOs over the Capitol two years earlier and Air Technical Intelligence of the USAF. This recording also showed that the USAF and the government position was wrong, in declaring that disclosure to the pubic, would cause mass panic and harm all religions.

08: GRAY BARKER RADIO SHOW, Clarksburg, West Virginia

Date of Broadcast: 07.20.1957
Running Time: 00:08:29

Synopsis: Barker discusses the Green Castle, Indiana case. Barker's radio show was very short lived and he was a good friend with famous radio personality, Hugh McPhearson, who also played interviews he had with witnesses to UFOs on his own radio program.

09: ARMSTRONG CIRCLE THEATER: UFO, the Enigma of the Skies

Date of Broadcast: 01.22.1958
Running Time: 00:52:00

Synopsis: Hosted by Douglas Edwards. Guests were: Major Donald E. Keyhoe, USMC Ret., Col. Spencer Whedon, USAF and Dr. Donald Menzel. This is the program that allegedly censored Keyhoe, causing hard feelings between both himself and the United States Air Force over their secrecy regarding the UFO phenomenon. Kenneth Arnold declined to appear at the last minute and his explanation can be heard on the 03.26.1958 Long John Nebel Party Line recording listed further down in this guide. Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, first and former Director of the USAF Project Blue Book was also scheduled to appear on the program, but could not get a leave of absence from his employer to attend the program. Tracks 09, 10 and 12 relate to this infamous controversy.


Date of Broadcast: 03:25:1958
Running Time: 00:25:30

Synopsis: Major Donald E. Keyhoe, USMC, Ret. Is interviewed regarding the alleged censorship on the Armstrong Circle Theater and his / NICAP's position regarding UFOs and the Extra-terrestrial Hypothesis (ETH).


Tracks 11 - 16

Long John Nebel was the first to bring the concept of Talk Radio to fruition. He had various guests and regulars who discussed many topics of interest. His program ran from 12:00 am to 5:30 am, six nights a week. He is known for the eccentricities of guests and provided a forum for both serious researchers of Ufology and the Contactees. Following his radio talk show, Nebel appeared on television in the 1960s and early 1970s with his talk format. Below is a selection of well-known Nebel programs dealing with the subject of UFOs and Ufology.


Date of Broadcast: 11.25.1956
Running Time: 01:01:54

Synopsis: Guest: Dr. Ivan T. Sanderson, biologist/zoologist and naturalist. He was also a spy and Intelligence operative for the U.S. and UK, although nobody knew at that time a few people know now. This aspect of his background was revealed during a meeting in Seattle, WA in 1959. This data, on the original recordings, is archived at Faded Discs. Sanderson discusses his Biological Theory of UFOs. His theory remains popular as one of the theories regarding the origin of UFOs, but pales to both the Extra-Terrestrial Hypothesis (ETH) and the possibilities that UFOs are inter-dimensional conveyances or time travelers. Sanderson also wrote a book about his theory.


Date of Broadcast: 03.11.1957
Running Time: 00:06:26

Synopsis: Jay Glick, a passenger on an American Airlines flight from NY to Puerto Rico, relates the aircraft's encounter with a UFO. This incident is mentioned in the next track.


Date of Broadcast: 03.26.1958
Running Time: 04:06:22

Synopsis: Guests: Major Donald E. Keyhoe, USMC Ret., Cortland Hastings, Charles Ledham, Jules B. St. Germaine, Ben Isquith and Dave Fields. Historically important recording covering the rise of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), alleged Keyhoe censorship and the influence of the Contactee Movement on legitimate UFO investigations. Commercials edited out during the Keyhoe visit. Ben Isquith joins the group after Keyhoe departs. Nebel goes too great lengths to promote NICAP and every one of the guests were members. This aspect, however, did not give Keyhoe any leniency as far as tough questions asked of him by the other guests. For all intents and purposes, Keyhoe and the U.S. Air Force had become enemies over the censorship issue. Last twenty minutes of this program is missing.


Date of Broadcast: 08.18.1958
Running Time: 02:48:30

Synopsis: Guests: Dr. Ivan T. Sanderson, Lester del Rey (Science Fiction Writer), Hans Stefan Santeson (Editor of Fantastic Universe magazine), Ben Ahman (Swedish Journalist), Ben Isquith, Vyacheslav Vawalischin (former USSR Military Officer) and translator, Jim Runyon. An early discussion of the possibility that UFOs are man-made and came from German technology (Horten Brothers, etc.). This controversy continues to this day with theories regarding the German influence in flying saucers during and following World War ll. Ben Ahman gives an interesting insight into the Ghost Rockets being observed over the Baltic in 1946. Lester del Rey is quite opinionated and argumentative, with a closed mind on the topic of UFOs in general. Considering that he was a science fiction writer of note, one would tend to think that a man with his reputation would at least be more open-minded on the reality of the UFO phenomena. It is quite odd to listen to his ranting. In future years others would arrive on the airways and in print, proclaiming Ufology to be a foolish endeavor, yet none of them would ever take the time to do any lengthy and long term research on the data collected, then be offended if they were not triumphant in the debate. These people were not, and are not, rational and provide a disservice to the subject itself and the people who diligently try to do the work that science and government have defaulted on, since the beginning of the modern age of the phenomenon. Logic would dictate that the fields of science and government have been negligent regarding this enigma to science. Last few minutes of this portion of the program are missing.


Date of Broadcast: 10.05.1958
Running Time: 04:05:30

Synopsis: Alternate title is Flying Saucers and the Straight Line Mystery, which was used after the program aired. Guests: Isabel Davis of Civilian Saucer Intelligence - NY (CSI-NY), Hans Stefan Santeson (Editor of Fantastic Universe magazine), Dr. Ivan T. Sanderson, Lester Del Ray and Ben Isquith. Isabel Davis was representing one of the oldest UFO investigation groups with such early luminaries as Max Mebane and Ted Bloecher. Debate covers many aspects of Ufology, including Little Green Men, Contactees and Aimé Michel's newest theory on UFOs in his book, Flying Saucers and the Straight Line Mystery. Davis was a thorough researcher and was close friend to Major Donald E. Keyhoe, Director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), of which Davis was also a member. Dr. Sanderson and science fiction writer, Lester Del Rey, have an on-air heated exchange over various topics. However, when all is said and done, this recording was an early attempt to get Ufology separated from the Contactees and Isabel Davis, was a champion in showing the world the difference. She is an unsung hero in the field of Ufology.

16: Excerpt from the Long John Nebel Party Line Program

Date of Broadcast: 11.16.1959
Running Time: 00:56:00

Synopsis: Jackie Gleason, Frank Edwards and Gray Barker make the first 3-way telephone conference call in radio history. Gleason criticizes Gray Barker's publishing the Contactee material as if it was true.


Date of Broadcast: 01.00.1959
Running Time: 00:58:52

Synopsis: Robert Berry broadcast a short-lived radio program in New York entitled, The UFO Story. This is a medley of those broadcasts.

TRACKS 18 - 19


Date of Broadcast: 06.13.1959
Running Time: 00:24:27

Synopsis: Gariety broadcast his show out of Miami, FL on WMIE radio for several years. His organization was known as, Saucer Phenomena & Celestial Enigma (S.P.A.C.E.) He was a right-wing ideologue who was a rabid anti-communist. These are the only known programs existing at this time. Program missing first half of the recording.


Date of Broadcast: 00.00.1961
Running Time: 00:58:28

Synopsis: Guests were Gene and Eileen DuPlantier. Gene was the editor of Saucers: Space and Science, in Canada. They were visiting Florida on a vacation.


Date of Broadcast: 12.05.1960
Running Time: 00:27:48

Synopsis: Infamous encounter between Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) and Lt. Col. Lawrence J. Tacker, Public Information Officer for the United State Air Force (USAF). This was the second major confrontation between Major Keyhoe's, NICAP and the USAF that would continue for the next decade.

21: JOE PYNE Show

Date of Broadcast: 00.00.1960
Running Time: 00:22:28

Synopsis: Dr. Frank Stranges takes the hot seat on the Joe Pyne Show. He is promoting his new book, Stranger at the Pentagon that alleges a man by the name of Val Thor is known by the government and is from outer space. Stranges attempts to be serious, but Pyne obviously knows a sham when he bumps into it. Not one of Frank Stranges' better media days.


Date of Broadcast: 01.25.1961
Running Time: 00:24:00

Synopsis: Jules B. St. Germaine, a regular guest on Long John Nebel's Party Line on WOR-NY, is interviewed regarding the show and the Contactees who have appeared on it. A very historical recording and rare in that two interviewers of the early Contactees compare notes on how legitimate Ufology was wrongfully overshadowed by them. Original recordings from St. Germaine's collection are maintained at Faded Discs.


Date of Broadcast: 05.21.1961
Running Time: 00:15:00

Synopsis: Texas Countdown was a production of WFAA-TV, Fort Worth, TX. The program was a weekly summary of events in the local aerospace industry. Guest: Texas Ufologist William E. Daniels of Project Target fame. This segment also gives the silliness surrounding the early space race with the Soviet Union and Cold War paranoia. The Daniels recordings are maintained at Faded Discs.


Date of Broadcast: 12.27.1961
Running Time: 00:19:18

Synopsis: Major Donald E. Keyhoe is interviewed regarding the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) and his conflict with the United States Air Force.


TRACKS 25 - 30

Earl J. Neff of the Cleveland Ufology Project (CUP), teamed with Harvey Morgan of KYW radio, Cleveland, OH in 1962 to do a weekly series of half-hour programs entitled, Ufology Round-Table. When KYW became WKYC the series was discontinued, but Neff remained a regular guest host on Harve Morgan's new show, Contact and continued with the Ufology Round-Table designation when he appeared on the program. The following recordings represent the programs recovered to date. Although no exact number of programs available is known, it is estimated that Neff and Morgan did approximately 52 such programs. One of the more interesting aspects of this early radio program is that the FCC wouldn't allow two-way telephone conversations with listener call-ins, so Harve Morgan would take calls from listeners and then relate the question to the appropriate guest. Long John Nebel's phone conversations with listeners were always recorded to avoid running into problems with the FCC and contained the required Beep every 10 seconds.


Date of Broadcast: 12.27.1962
Running Time: 00:25:00
Program: 13

Synopsis: USAF secrecy and general UFO topics. Guest Host: Earl J. Neff. Guests: Rick Hilberg and Bob Miller of the United Saucer Council. Program was devoted to young Ufologists and the Toledo Area Aerial Phenomena Investigation Bureau (TAAPIB). Opening sequence is missing.


Date of Broadcast: 01.03.1963
Running Time: 00:26:34
Program 14

Synopsis: Earl J. Neff, Bob Grove and are co-hosts. Topics include: Angel Hair, Wilbert B. Smith, artificial gravity and interview a witness to a recent UFO incident. Final few seconds of the program sign-off is missing.


Date of Broadcast: 01.10.1963
Running Time: 00:26:34
Program 15
Synopsis: Program is devoted to questions from listener call-ins, which Earl J. Neff, Bob Grove and Harve Morgan, attempt to answer. Good grass roots radio that did by far better with the subject of Ufology than the Jeff Rense and George Noory's of today. Today the Internet is the preferred method of communicating with others about Ufology and this more, personal method of Ufology in days past, taught and shared Ufology in a most unique way.


Date of Broadcast: 01.17.1963
Running Time: 00:53:24
Program 16

Synopsis: Mr. X (a USAF officer they call "Joe"), joins Earl J. Neff, Bob Grove and Harve Morgan. The program's normal thirty minutes is expanded this night. Morgan plays a tape of Major Donald E. Keyhoe talking about flying saucers and the United States Air Force.


Date of Broadcast: 01:24:1963
Running Time: 00:29:00
Program 17

Synopsis: Wesley Fitch joins Earl J. Neff and Harve Morgan to discuss his collection of UFO photographs and the evidence they might portray. It is hilarious having photographs described on the radio. However, it did give insight to listeners who were visually impaired. Not exactly a medium for photographic evidence discussion. Also, two witnesses to alleged UFOs are interviewed.


Date of Broadcast: 01.31.1963
Running Time: 00:29:44
Program 18

Synopsis: Joining the weekly discussion with Earl J. Neff, Bob Grove and Harve Morgan, was Bob Novak, an engineer, who spoke on UFO propulsion and anti-gravity.


Date of Broadcast: 10.00.1963
Running Time: 00:51:58

Synopsis: Clyde McCain of WBT radio in North Carolina, presents the Flying Saucer Story. Interviews with Riley Crabb and Bryant Reeve are included.


Date of Broadcast: 00.00.1963
Running Time: 00:25:02

Synopsis: Witnesses to UFOs are interviewed on WDNC radio in Durham, NC. Several are members of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). A local program that is typical of the way the subject was handled in the early 1960s by hundreds of small local radio stations across America.


Date of Broadcast: 00.00.1964
Running Time: 00:27:30

Synopsis: Television panel show hosted by Harry Clarkson. Guests: Dr. Mark Harrison, Chairman of the Physics Department at American University, Dr. B. L. Clark, Astronomer at the U.S. Naval Observatory, Dr. Norman L. Trot, Theologian and George Adamski, Contactee. Discussion centers on UFOs, their existence and possible origins, what aliens might look like and the government's viewpoint regarding UFOs.

Annex Disc 2 : Ufology: A Primer in Audio (Second Edition) Volume Two

Chronological Guide :  1964 - 1967


Track Listing

1: CONTACT with Bob Kennedy

Date of Broadcast: 05.18.1964
Running Time: 01:15:59

Synopsis: Bob Kennedy's guests are: Major Donald E. Keyhoe, Streeter Stuart, newsman and NICAP member and Walter Webb, amateur astronomer and NICAP member. On the phone is Mrs. Lyle Boyd, co-author of, The World of Flying Saucers with Dr. Donald Menzel. Two clips. Officer Lonnie Zamora, police officer who observed a UFO with occupants in Socorro, NM and Gary Wilcox, a Newark, New York dairy farmer, who met with aliens. This is an extremely important historical recording of early NICAP members and the head to head by Walter Webb and Stuart Streeter with Mrs. Lyle Boyd over the books omissions and conclusions. It must also be stated that NICAP, since early 1964, had been using appearances on the radio as a vehicle to promote their upcoming research book entitled, The UFO Evidence.


Date of Broadcast: 05.28.1964
Running Time: 01:18:03

Synopsis: One of the few shows with guests from both the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) and the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO). Walter Webb, an amateur astronomer and John Hoft, professional photographer, join Host Jim Westover on a serious discussion regarding government and USAF secrecy and several prominent cases (Socorro, NM, Trindade Island and Ubatuba). One of the most balanced UFO programs during the mid-1960s. Both guests take calls from listeners.


Date of Broadcast: 12.21.1964
Running Time: 00:29:28

Synopsis: From St. Petersburg FL, Bob talks on the telephone with Dr. Ernest H. Gehman and Major Donald E. Keyhoe. Topics include the Fisherville, VA UFO Radiation Case of Horace Burns and the Wallops Island UFO sighting by the Chief of Satellite Tracking.


Date of Broadcast: 01.27.1965
Running Time: 00:19:15

Synopsis: Guests were Major Donald E. Keyhoe, USMC Ret. and Director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), Col. James Bryant, former Special Assistant to the Secretary of the USAF and Editor of the Saturday Evening Post and Dr. I. M. Levitt, Director of the Thell Planetarium. Les Crane treated the program as a joke, making fun of Major Keyhoe and surprising him with the appearance of Dr. Levitt. Because of this, Les Crane was fired. This recording is known as the Keyhoe/Levitt Debate.


Date of Broadcast: 03.07.1965
Running Time: 00:30:00

Synopsis: At this juncture in the building of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) by Major Donald E. Keyhoe, his Assistant Director, Richard Hall and NICAP member, Paul Dickey, did an in-house interview to explain what NICAP involved and its goals. Hosted by Fred Patrick, Impact Close-up program came out of Richmond, VA and was one of the prime vehicles totally positive and aligned with the concept of NICAP's Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH). This program brought Richard Hall out of the shadows to be one of the prime forces of NICAP's growth and influence.

6: COMMENT with Fred Gale

Date of Broadcast: 11.25.1965
Running Time: 00:36:02

Synopsis: Beginning and ending of show is missing. Guests were Steve Putnam and Edwin Fogg of the New England UFO Study Group (NEUFOSG). They discuss general issues in Ufology on WNDC as well as the Gary Wilcox encounter in Newark Valley, NY earlier in the year, Barney & Betty Hill case and a call about an object observed near Exeter, NH.

7: FRED B. COLE Show

Date of Broadcast: 00.00.1965
Running Time: 00:13:47

Synopsis: Guest is John Luttrell, author, who wrote an article for the Boston Traveler magazine, detailing to the public the Barney & Betty Hill Alien Abduction in 1961. He was the first to bring to the public this new chapter in the ongoing strangeness of the UFO phenomena and caused a massive shift in how Ufology would be studied. The Hill Case was the first of its kind publicly reported at the time. John Fuller, noted writer, would bring out the book, The Interrupted Journey.

8: FORUM 850

Date of Broadcast: 0.08.1965
Running Time: 00:44:06

Synopsis: Host Joe Dannery, with Guests Earl J. Neff and Elmer Schutt of the Cleveland Ufology Project (CUP), discuss basic Ufology on WJW radio in Cleveland, OH.


Date of Broadcast: 10.09.1965
Running Time: 00:44:40
Synopsis: Ray Fowler, Chairman of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena's Massachusetts Subcommittee (NICAP-MA), is a guest on WHDH-AM in Boston, MA. Topics include: Exeter, NH Case, USAF secrecy and the Brookings Institute Report.

10: BOSTON FORUM with Heywood Vincent

Date of Broadcast: 11.12.1965
Running Time: 01:07:06

Synopsis: Heywood Vincent interviews Ray Fowler, early UFO researcher and member of the National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), who covers the general topics of Ufology on WNAC radio, Boston, MA. Fowler is a meticulous researcher. In 2000 I asked him why he hadn't done his autobiography and he took my advice and did write of his time as a UFO researcher in UFO Testament. Author of 11 books, Fowler was the Director of the Massachusetts NICAP Subcommittee. One of his hobbies was astronomy and he built his own observatory in his backyard. Fowler's work in Ufology is legendary.

11: NOTE PAD with Paul Benzaquin

Date of Broadcast: 11.16.1965
Running Time: 00:35:14

Synopsis: Benzaquin, a confirmed skeptic of the UFO subject, perpetrated a UFO hoax on the previous night's show. He had a friend call in to report a UFO (the moon), causing listeners to call into the program claiming to have seen the UFO. On this program, Benzaquin reveals the hoax and talks to Major Derry Barrie, Public Information Officer at Hanscom AFB. They discuss Air Force Regulation 200-2 and JANAP 146-D (how UFO reports are handled by the Air Force and by all pilots, military and civilian). Edwin Fogg of the New England UFO Study Group (NEUFOSG) calls into the program.

12: GROTTO w/Bruce Morrow

Date of Broadcast: 02.19.1966
Running Time: 00:37:11

Synopsis: William D. Donovan, Chairman of the New York City National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena's Subcommittee, is interviewed regarding NICAP and its role as a public organization dedicated to the investigation of UFOs and their effect on public security. Bruce Morrow takes over the Grotto Show with Rafael in order to present this program as a public affairs issue for WEOK radio.

13: CONTACT w/Harve Morgan

Date of Broadcast: 03.03.1966
Running Time: 01:42:30

Synopsis: Topic is Sightings of UFOs. Guests: Rick Hilberg, member of the American UFO Committee and editor of UFO magazine, Alan Manak, director of the UFO Report Center for the Cleveland Ufology Project (CUP), noted Ufologist, George Fawcett, Ken Goodman and the venerable Ufologist, Earl J. Neff. Discussion centers around the 1965 UFO Flap and important cases that were under investigation. CUP dominated the Ohio region during the 1960s and was one of the most active research groups in the United States.


Date of Broadcast: 03.17.1966
Running Time: 00:25:32

Synopsis: USAF consultant on UFOs, Dr. Josef Allen Hynek, is interviewed regarding his marsh gas explanation during the Michigan UFO flap. Dr. Hynek would come to rue the day he allowed his scientific integrity to suffer because of the pressure the USAF was putting on him during the investigations he conducted. This is an historically important recording because it gives insight into Hynek and his connection to the USAF. Hynek would later renounce the USAF investigations following the Condon Committee Report and begin the Center for UFO Studies in Chicago.

15: CONTACT w/Bob Kennedy

Date of Broadcast: 03.22.1966
Running Time: 00:55:04

Synopsis: Covering the Michigan UFO Flap with guests: Dr. J. Allen Hynek, consultant to the USAF Project Blue Book, Major Donald E. Keyhoe, Director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), Richard Hall, Assistant Director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), Streeter Stuart, journalist and member of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) and Bud Van Horne, Civil Defense Director who investigated the area behind Hillsdale College for an alleged UFO.


Date of Broadcast: 03.28.1966
Running Time: 00:46:08

Synopsis: Due to the uproar over the claim of marsh gas by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, consultant to the USAF Project Blue Book, Major Donald E. Keyhoe, Director, National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), Richard Hall, Assistant Director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) and Col. Joseph B. Hartranft, Jr., Director of the Aircraft & Pilot Owners Association and Board of Governors for the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), hold a press conference at the Commodore Hotel in Washington, DC to bring public awareness of the incompetence shown by the USAF regarding UFOs and their investigation.

17: SPECTRUM 95: The Flying Saucer Flap w/Al Moffett

Date of Broadcast: 04.00.1966
Running Time: 01:11:24

Synopsis: Presents a review of the Michigan Flying Saucer Flap with guests: Dr. J. Allen Hynek, consultant to the USAF Project Blue Book, Albert Chop, Board of Governors of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) and former Public Information Officer on UFOs at the Pentagon, Dr. Bruce Rogers, Dr. Tom Hudson, Assistant Director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), Don Berliner of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), Dr. Arman Eramonagay, Major William Coleman and witnesses from McMinnville, OR, Hillsdale, MI and Dexter, MI. This is a historically important overview program of Ufological history.

18: ISSUES in the AIR w/Bruce Corbin

Date of Broadcast: 04.10.1966
Running Time: 00:31:31

Synopsis: Guests are Assistant Director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), Richard Hall and National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) member, Don Berliner. Discussions center on Baltimore, MD area UFO sightings, Central Intelligence Agency's Robertson Panel, President Lyndon Johnson's interest in UFOs during his U.S. Senate years.


Date of Broadcast: 04.17 & 24.1966
Running Time: 01:12:09

Synopsis: A two-part presentation of WDRC radio. Program is one of the finest and well- balanced radio programs on the subject of UFOs, including the recent Michigan UFO Flap and the USAF Project Blue Book involvement in the marsh gas controversy.


Date of Broadcast: 05.25.1966
Running Time: 01:33:31

Synopsis: Douglas talks with Earl J. Neff of the Cleveland Ufology Project (CUP). On the phone are guests Barney and Betty Hill, who relate their encounter and alien abduction in 1961. The Betty and Barney Hill UFO encounter was not the first case involving alien abduction, but is important historically because it was the first public acknowledgment of this change beginning to gain prominence in the field of Ufological research.


Date of Broadcast: 09.12.1966
Running Time: 01:38:15

Synopsis: Broadcast newsman Frank Edwards and Earl J. Neff of the Cleveland Ufology Project (CUP) are guests. Topics include the Hamilton Field case and the Caracas, Venezuela case where an alien attacked a truck. Frank Edwards was one the first broadcasters to give his listeners reports of UFOs sightings during his regular news reports a decade earlier.


Date of Broadcast: 10.21.1966
Running Time: 00.59:42

Synopsis: Television documentary based upon Walter Sullivan's book of the same name. Sullivan proposes the question, are we are alone in the universe? This is the audio portion of the program.


Date of Broadcast: 00.00.1966
Running Time: 00:25:33

Synopsis: Two years before Frank Edwards died, he produced a vinyl recording (LP) posing the answer to the title's statement. It, like his numerous books, was highly popular with the public.


Date of Broadcast: 01.22.1967
Running Time: 01:06:55

Synopsis: When Long John Nebel's Party Line broadcasts at WOR ended, he moved to WNBC and continued his late night talk format. This is a rare and historical recording covering a discussion of the effectiveness of Project Blue Book and what the new Condon Committee may or may not accomplish. Guests: Paris Flammonde, author of The Age of Flying Saucers and UFO Exist! Lloyd Mallan, science writer and L. Jerome Stanton. Recording is incomplete.


Date of Broadcast: 00.00.1967
Running Time: 00:38:56

Synopsis: Following on the success of Frank Edwards LP, Flying Saucers: Serious Business, Talk show host, Long John Nebel, self-produced an LP with recordings taken from his Party Line shows at WOR. During the serious early years of UFO research, Nebel's penchant for having the Contactees on the program was legendary and put a serious onus on legitimate research into unidentified flying objects by the silliness of the Space Brother Movement.


Date of Broadcast: 02.26.1967
Running Time: 00:23:17

Synopsis: Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Professor of Astronomy at Northwestern University and consultant to the USAF Projects SIGN, Grudge and Blue Book, is interviewed regarding unidentified flying objects. Initially a skeptic of UFOs, Hynek would later change his mind and become an advocate of the reality of the phenomena being observed. Following the Condon Committee report, Hynek began the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) in Evanston, IL. He later moved CUFOS to Chicago, IL. Hynek died in 1986.

27: SCIENCE PANEL: Captured by a UFO w/David Schumberg

Date of Broadcast: 03.17.1967
Running Time: 00:44:47

Synopsis: A panel composed of Dr. James E. McDonald, Professor of Atmospheric Physics at the University of Arizona, Dr. Carl Sagan, Professor of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Wyoming, Dr. Leon Jerriff, Science Editor of Time magazine and Edward Eddleston, Editor of World Science Tribune, question Barney and Betty Hill regarding their abduction and comment on the current state of Ufology.

28: OPEN MIND: Are Flying Saucers Only Science Fiction?

Date of Broadcast: 00.00.1967
Running Time: 00:54:25

Synopsis: Public affairs program from WNBC. Moderated by Professor Eric F. Goldman of Princeton University. Guests on the program include: Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Dr. Donald H. Menzel, Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, Dr. Frank Saltzburg and author, John G. Fuller. Program gives a good view of Ufological matters of the time and the personalities involved.


Date of Broadcast: 06.11.1967
Running Time: 00:28:20

Synopsis: Bob Wright interviews Sister Ann Jude, Professor of Chemistry, regarding her interest in UFOs and the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). This is a very rare promotional recording for Immaculate Heart College. Program is noteworthy in the amount of publicity and acceptance given to NICAP and the acceptance of UFOs from a religious standpoint.



Annex Disc 3 : UFOs across the Ponds : An Audio Retrospective Of British & Australian Cases

51 Tracks
Total Running Time: 32:25:30

Track Listing

01 Sven Ahman gives an overview of the Ghost Rocket phenomena observed over the Baltic in 1946 on the Long John Nebel radio program. 1958. 02:08

02 Professor A. M. Lowe gives his opinion on the flying discs to an American radio reporter. July 7, 1947. 02:08

03 Medical File: UFO. A rare Australian radio show dramatizing an actual event. This is the earliest known recording using the acronym UFO, coined by Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt. 1952. 24:30

04 BOAC Captain James Howard and Stewardess Daphne Webster comment on their encounter of a UFO while in flight on July 2, 1954. 01:40

05 BOAC Captain James Howard interviewed on televison. July 2, 1954. 02:30

06 Desmond Leslie interviews George Adamski in 1954. Poor recording and ends abruptly. 23:15

07 Brinsley le Pouer Trench is interviewed in 1955. 07:06

08 Desmond Leslie gives an account of the current status regarding flying saucers in the UK. Poor recording. 1955. 08:00

09 Wigan Flying Saucer Group. Harold Hill on the group's activities. 1957. 22:28

10 George Adamski is interviewed prior to his lecture at Caxton Hall on September 14, 1958. 05:18

11 George Adamski lectures at Caxton Hall, London. September 14, 1958. 01:25:08

12 Waveney Girvan comments on Flying Saucers and Common Sense. 1959. 16:55

13 Fr. William Gill lectures in the United Kingdom regarding his UFO encounter in Papua, New Guinea. Ends abruptly. June 26, 1959. 44:00

14 Air Chief Marshal, Lord Hugh Dowding comments regarding flying saucers to Herb Clark of the Vancouver, BC Flying Saucer Club. 1960. 01:09

15 George King lectures at a private residence in London on the Cosmic Masters and the Space People. 1960. 01:08:30

16 Charles H. G. Smith, UK Aero Historian, comments on UFOs. 1963. 03:09

17 P. F. Norris, Australian researcher, audio letter of January 14, 1965 to Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe, Director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). 06:09

18 Warminster Mystery news report from Warminster Council meeting. August 27, 1965. 02:06

19 Warminster Mystery news report. 1965. 11:30

20 Chicksands USAF/RAF Communications Base, Bedforshire, UK UFO Case. Witness to a UFO appearing over the base causing a cone of silence and affecting the communications operations there, as well as seven other bases in the area and around the world. This is from the National UFO Reporting Center under Robert Gribble. 1965. 08:18

21 Pie in the Sky. Witness statements regarding the Warminister Mystery. Broadcast on April 1, 1966. 32:50

22 John Michell lectures on, Alien Infiltration. May 21, 1966. 60:00

23 Colin McCarthy lectures on the UFO in Australia from the early 1950s to the early 1960s.. January 7, 1967. 01:09:25

24 Andrew Tobias gives a short talk on Ufology in Australia. January 7, 1967. 15:20

25 Dr. James E. McDonald comments regarding his tour on Australian radio. February, 1967. 16:39

26 Charles Bowen lectures on UFO Developments, March 4, 1967. Poor recording. 57:02

27 Brinsley le Pouer Trench lectures on the Sky People. June 3, 1967. 01:13:25

28 Arthur Shuttlewood Interview. Interviewer unknown at this time. 1968. 35:02

29 C. Maxwell Cade lectures on, A Long, Cool Look at Alien Intelligence. February 3, 1968. 01:28:20

30 Tony Dunkin Wedd, founder of the Star Fellowship, lectures on UFOs and Landmarks. Poor recording in parts. May 4, 1968. 01:08:38

31 Flying Saucers and the People Who See Them. UK television documentary. UK and US witnesses. May 9, 1968. 01:04:30

32 Arthur Shuttlewood lectures on the Continuing Story of the Warminster Thing and his involvement in the investigation. October 5, 1968. 57:06

33 Gordon Creighton lectures on UFO Occupants: Methods and Motives. February 1, 1969. 55:45

34 Arthur Shuttlewood lectures on UFOs and Modern Thought. September 13, 1969. 49:40

35 Philip Rodgers lectures on his tape recordings of space people. An extremely rare recording of his only known lecture. I believe only one of his space people recordings still exist. Ends abruptly. January 3, 1970. 47:10

36 Norman Oliver lectures on, Are There Men in Black? Introduced by Capt. Ivar MacKay. February 2, 1970. 45:00

37 Rex Dutta lectures on Flying Saucer Viewpoint. Poor Recording. February 15, 1970. 01:08:04

38 Arthur Shuttlewood lectures on the 1964 Warminster case. February 28, 1970. 01:04:35

39 Norman Oliver lectures on, The Hoaxers. March 21, 1970 51:06

40 Capt. Ivar MacKay lectures on the Hypothetical Relationship between Categories of UFO Phenomena. April 4, 1970. 39:30

41 Raymond Drake lectures on Spacemen from the Past. April 25, 1970. 01:01:30

42 Gordon Creighton lectures on Teleportation. September 5, 1970. 55:30

43 Charles Bowen lectures on UFO Hypotheses: Ten Years of Change. March 6, 1971. 01:06:30

44 Lionel Beer is interviewed on August 20, 1971. 04:23

45 Speak Easy. Rex Dutta, Jimmy Saville, Dr. Kit Pedler, Keith Robertson and Keith Palmer, discuss the subject of UFOs. December 12, 1971. 01:12:48

46 C. Maxwell Cade lectures on UFOs, Communications and Semantics. April 8, 1972. 01:37:23

47 Maureen Puddy of Frankston, Victoria, Australia is interviewed regarding her abduction. July 27, 1972. 19:00

48 It's a Free Country. Guests debate the UFO subject. June 22, 1976. 33:45

49 Bentwaters-Woodridge AB Case: Lt. Col. Charles Halt recording made during initial investigation of the Rendelsham forest area by himself and his men. December 29-30, 1980. 17:16

50 Paul Norman of the Victoria UFO Research Society (VUFORS) is interviewed on radio October 20 and 24, 1988. 40:40

51 Jenny Randles lectures on, Abductions: A European Viewpoint. 1989. 55:45





Annex Disc 4 : Project Blue Book  

Tracks 96
Total Running Time: 27:09:40


01: Dr. J. Allen Hynek, contracted to Project SIGN, was an early debunker of UFOs. However, over time, Hynek changed his mind based upon the data. This short recording is Dr. Hynek dismissing UFOs on behalf of the U.S. Air Force. 01:56

02: Capt. Thomas Hanchett, USAF, describes his encounter in 1948. 07:45

03: Col. Howard C. Wright, USAF, comments to Richard Hall and others in 1966, regarding his thoughts on the "space people." Col. Wright was a member of NICAP. 01:51

04: Col. Albert B. Deyarmond's son, Bruce is interviewed by Wendy Connors in 1998. Bruce's father, Col. Albert B. Deyarmond, was a member of Projects: Saucer, SIGN and Grudge. Copies of Col. Deyarmond's personal files were obtained by Wendy Connors and have been archived. 32:10

05: Dr. George E. Valley, Jr., Air Force Scientific Advisory Board, remarks to Wendy Connors regarding the Estimate of the Situation in 1998. 00:47

06: Major Victor Bilek is interviewed by Wendy Connors in 1998. Bilek knew the people involved in the UFO investigations from the beginning and through Blue Book. 75:05

07: Alfred C. Loedding's son, Donald is by Wendy Connors in 1998. Don is the son of Project SIGN originator, Alfred C. Loedding. 75:14

08: Charles Zimmerman comments regarding the V-173 and Navy XF5U-1 (flying pancake) low aspect ratio aircraft in 1948. 01:00

09: Paul Hibbard, VP of Lockheed, comments on flying saucers in 1948. 01:15

10: David Prince, VP of General Electric on flying saucers and the XF5U-1 in 1948. 00:56

11: Major Dewey Fournet on the Estimate of the Situation. 00:49

12: Newscast of the Glenn Bernie, NJ flying disc discovery, in 1949. Project Grudge personnel investigated this prosaic case. 00:58

13: Major Gen. William F. McKee, USAF, comments on Project Saucer in April, 1949. At this time the code named project SIGN was not revealed and the media used the moniker, Project Saucer. 01:07

14: Lt. Col. Althasan Spilhaus, a member of the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board, comments on flying saucers in 1949. 01:20

15: President Harry S. Truman denies UFOs in 1949. 00:27

16: George Koehler is interviewed by the Air Force Office of Special Investigation in 1950 regarding the alleged crash of a UFO at Aztec, NM. 30:30

17: Gen. Douglas MacArthur comments on Interplanetary War in 1951. He restated this position in Manilla in 1961. 01:44

18: Maj. Gen. Samford News Conference in 1952 regarding the UFO flap over the U.S. Capitol. 00:41

19: Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenburg's death is discussed by Frank Edwards on 04.08.1954. 00:59

20: Ground Observer Corps radio promotion from 1954. The GOC was in effect to secure the skies over the U.S. while the new military radar systems were being developed and deployed across the U.S. and Canada. GOC reported many observations of UFOs. 00:27

21: Dr. Lloyd V. Berkner comments on his involvement with the Robertson Panel. 01:39

22: Project Blue Book is the editorial subject by an unknown canadian broadcaster in 1956. 01:29

23: Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, first director of Project Blue Book, is interviewed on an unknown radio station in 1956. 07:45

24: Captain Edward J. Ruppelt recollects his visit to Giant Rock in 1956 to see the Contactees. 38:00

25: Lake Welles, FL airport UFO case recorded for the Blue Book files in October, 1956. 03:24

26: Captain Edward J. Ruppelt interviews Contactee George Adamski in 1956. 85:15

27: General Nathan F. Twining comments on UFOs is reported by radio in 1956. 00:40

28: News report from 1957 regarding Dr. J. Allen Hynek and the launch of Sputnik ll. 02:45

29: Albert Chop, PIO for Project Grudge, is interviewed on radio November, 1957. 03:47

30: William Lear interviewed on radio regarding his sighting in November, 1957. 04:00

31: Captain Edward J. Ruppelt radio interview during the flap of 1957. 03:00

32: Captain Edward J. Ruppelt radio interview during the flap of 1957. 02:45

33: White Sands Missle Range UFO encounter is detailed by the Public Information Officer on 11.03.1957. 03:56

34: MSgt. William Stokes case newscast of USAF radar and UFO 11.05.1957. 01:15

35: News report regarding the 1957 UFO flap broadcast 11.07.1957. 01:15

36: Major Robert Friend, third director of Project Blue Book, is interviewed in 1958. 03:07

37: Col. Spenser Whedon gives the official USAF position on UFOs on the Armstrong Circle Theater's, UFO: Enigma of the Skies, 01.20.1958. Dr. Donald Menzel and Major Donald E. Keyhoe also provide guest opinions. 52:00

38: Richard B. Horner, Assistant Director of the USAF Research and Development Board comments on the USAF and UFOs on the Armstrong Circle Theater's, UFO: Enigma of the Skies, January 20, 1958. 02:25

39: McChord Air Force Base UFO case news report, May, 1958. 01:41

40: Jackie Gleason comments on flying saucers on the Long John Nebel radio show, November 16, 1958. 01:04

41: Lt. Col. Lawrence J. Tacker, PIO Offficer at the Pentagon, comments on flying saucers and air defense, 11.20.1958. 03:48

42: Newscast of the Mystery Satellite in 1960. 00:40

43: Larry Moyers of the Flying Saucer Investigations Committee, Akron, OH, relates how they were offered full access to Project Blue Book's files in exchange for the FSIC adhering to Blue Book's explanations of UFO events. 1961. 01:50

44: Dr. Theodore von Kármàn and General Homer S. Boushey statements while at Aerojet General in 1962. 16:45

45: Phone conversation between Maj. Robert Friend, USAF and Larry Moyers and Marc Candusso of the Flying Saucer Investigations Committee of Akron, OH in 1963. 11:10

46: Astronaut Frank Borman comments on UFOs in 1963. 00:22

47: 1964 news report regarding Arthur Godfrey's UFO encounter. 00:46

48: Captain Hector Quintanilla interviewed in June, 1964. 08:00

49: Major Hector Quintanilla and Lt. Col. Lawrence J. Tacker on UFOs in an unknown 1964 television interview. 04:30

50: Senator Barry Goldwater on Gen. Curtis LeMay and UFOs at Wright-Patterson AFB in 1964. 00:15

51: Dr. William Pickering on Life on Mars in 1964. 00:33

52: Swamp Gas. Medley of Radio and Television News Reports from 03.17- 25.1966 52:30

53: Radio News Special Report of Dr. Hynek's swamp gas statement of 03.22.1966. 28:00

54: Talk Radio Show. Guests: Hillsdale, MI Civil Defense Director Bud van Horne and Major Donald E. Keyhoe of NICAP. Discussion of the Michigan Flap. 03.22.1966. 55:23

55: The Flying Saucer Flap. April, 1966. Public Affairs Radio Report on UFOs, Including the Michigan UFO Flap. 68:33

56: Mystery and the Challenge. Radio Public Affairs, Including the Michigan UFO Flap. 66:00

57: Dr. J. Allen Hynek Interview and Comments on Marsh Gas Statement. 07.13.1966. 15:15

58: Dr. J. Allen Hynek is interviewed on Voice of America regarding his Swamp Gas statement on 01.01.1978 42:43

59: Swamp Gas on Strange Days…Indeed with Errol Bruce-Knapp. 06.07.2003. 42:33

60: Congressman Gerald Ford comments on the Michigan UFO wave on March 27, 1966. 01:26

61: Congressman Edward J. Roush on the Michigan UFO wave in March, 1966. 01:13

62: Dr. J. Allen Hynek is interviewed on the Merv Griffin show, July 13, 1966. 15:16

63: Dr. I. M. Levitt interviewed regarding UFOs on the Mike Douglas show, November 23, 1966. 14:00

64: Dr. J. Allen Hynek interviewed on Voice of America in 1966 regarding the Michigan swamp gas debate. 25:45

65: Major William Coleman, USAF, comments on USAF secrecy regarding UFOs in 1966. 00:41

66: Wilbert B. Smith (Project Magnet - Canada) comments on USAF secrecy of UFOs in 1966. 00:33

67: Lt. Col. Lawrence J. Tacker debunks USAF secrecy of UFOs in 1966. 00:48

68: Dr. Edward Teller on flying saucers in 1966. 00:40

69: Dr. J. Allen Hynek on KABC-TV's Press Conference on 02.26.1967. 22:08

70: Dr. Edward U. Condon and Dr. Robert Lowe interviewed in 1967. 06:17

71: Dr. David Saunders, Condon Committee, on UFOs and the ETH in 1967. 00:24

72: Gen. James McDivitt, Astronaut, on UFOs. 02:01

73: Gen James McDivitt, Astronaut, on UFOs. 00:43

74: Dr. Donald Menzel remarks on UFOs at the American Society of Newspaper Editors on 04.22.1967. 33:26

75: Major Hector Quintanilla remarks on Project Blue Book at the American Society of Newspaper Editors on 04.22.1967. 10:45

76: Dr. J. Allen Hynek is interviewed on WINS in 1968. 44:12

77: Dr. Thornton Page addresses UFOs at the AAAS Symposium in 1969. 19:00

78: Dr. J. Allen Hynek addresses the AAAS Symposium in 1969. His famous 21 Years of UFO Reports is presented. 35:21

79: Dr. James E. McDonald addresses the AAAS Symposium in 1969. This is his famous, Science in Default presentation. 40:30

80: President Jimmy Carter on UFOs. 00:44

81: Major Dewey Fournet lectures in 1972. Recorded from the audience and is of poor quality. 59:57

82: Project Blue Book's 1994 National Air Intelligence Center Alumni Days Reunion, 1994. 60:15

83: Lt. Col. Hector Quintanilla is inteviewed by Carl Day in 1997. 20:30


84: Wilbert B. Smith relates his views on his research into flying saucers and space people on 09.06.1957. 16:15

85: Wilbert B. Smith speaks on his involvement with Project Magnet and his research into the space people. 11.11.1957. 30:00

86: Wilbert B. Smith lectures on We Are Not Alone in the universe on 02.01.1958. 13:00

87: Wilbert B. Smith lectures on the Philosophy of the Saucers, March 16, 1958. 10:15

88: Wilbert B. Smith relates his theories involving magnetism and UFOs on February 1, 1958, which he termed The New Science. 60:00

89: Wilbert B. Smith The New Science continued. 33:00

90: RAdm. Herbert B. Knowles, Board of Directors of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), discusses metal fragments from a UFO shot off by USAF jet aircraft during the Washington, D.C. Flap in 1952. Knowles is on the phone with Earl J. Neff of the Cleveland Ufology Project (CUP) on the Alan Douglas show in 1966. Knowles talks of Smith's research into the metal. An historically important recording, since Knowles saw and handled the metal. 03:45

91: Robert Beck, NICAP, relates his encounter with Project Magnet personnel in California on 08.29.1966. Project Magnet was still in existence, even after the Canadian government shelved the project! 05:45

92: Robert Groves is interviewed by Earl J. Neff (CUP) on 07.08.196. Groves relates his meeting with Wilbert B. Smith before his death and discusses Smith's New Science theories. 63:00

93: Project Magnet is discussed by Earl J. Neff (CUP) and Harv Morgan, KYW radio in Cleveland on 01.03.1963. This show was a collaboration between Neff and Morgan, called Ufology Roundtable, which aired weekly. This is program 14. Topics include Wilbert B. Smith and Angel Hair anaylsis. 27:30

94: Wilbert B. Smith's son, James, is interviewed by Errol Bruce-Knapp, David Furlotte and Palmiro Campagna on Strange Days…Indeed radio program, 03.09.2002. 26:30

95: Vancouver, BC Beeping Case: Audio Letter from Herbert Clark, President of the Vancouver Area Flying Saucer Club to Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, asking for Keyhoe's opinion regarding a strange beeping incident at Hollyvern Ridge Ski Area near Vancouver, British Columbia on 06.06.1966. 10:00

96: Canadian Pacific Airlines UFO Pilot Case from June, 1966. Dr. J. Allen Hynek talks to the First Officer of Canadian Pacific Airlines who describes an encounter with a UFO. 13:45



Annex Disc 5 : CE IV : An Audio History of Alien Abduction and Animal Mutilation 1957 - 1976
56 Tracks
Total Running Time - 25+ Hours


Alien abduction of human beings began slowly in historical Ufology

The phenomena began slowly too, but both alien abduction of humans and animal mutilations, remain one of the most elusive and puzzling phenomena within the UFO genre of research

Included are other types of alien abduction, termed Mutes, or animal mutilation

This disc contains 56 tracks containing almost 25 hours of recordings from the above mentioned period

Some of these recordings will be familiar to researchers but others are presented for the first time

This then is the audio history of Alien abduction - 1957 to 1977


Table of Contents

01 - Beyond Tomorrow - The Outer Limits. This CBS radio drama from April 13, 1950, is the earliest known recording dealing with the concept of extraterrestrial abduction aboard a flying saucer. A portent of the reality to come - 28:00

02 - 2000 Plus - The Flying Saucer. From 1951, this radio drama continued with the concept of alien abduction of humans using a flying saucer - 28:00

03 - Antonio Villas-Boas Case. Brazil, SA, October 15, 1957. Villas-Boas was abducted by a female alien, taken aboard a flying saucer, gassed and sexually assaulted. This case was investigated by Dr. Olavo Fontes. Fontes relates the case to Richard Hall and others at the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, during a trip he took to Washington, DC in 1966. This is an extended version - 18:00

04 - Barney Hill. Barney Hill relates his and wife Betty's encounter and abduction of September 19, 1961 on the Harv Morgan radio show, Contact, October 5, 1964. This was before he had been played the hypnosis tapes by Dr. Benjamin Simon. Thus, the actual event is being remembered without the detail brought about by medical hypnosis, which had just been completed. Also on the program was Earl J. Neff and Wes Fitch of the Cleveland Ufology Project - 15:00

05. Dr. Benjamin Simon, MD. Simon is interviewed on the Larry Glick radio show, November 24, 1975. He gives a detailed account of his involvement in the Hill case and his personal thoughts regarding the hypnosis sessions and the abduction story from Barney and Betty Hill - 33:30

06 - Barney Hill Hypnosis 01. This is a compilation of excepts from the complete hypnosis sessions done by Dr. Benjamin Simon, a noted Boston psychiatrist, over seven months in 1964 - 44:00

07 - Barney Hill Hypnosis - 02:53:45

08 - Betty Hill Hypnosis 01. This is a compilation of excepts from the complete hypnosis sessions done by Dr. Benjamin Simon in 1964 - 40:30

09 - Betty Hill Hypnosis - 01:08:00

10 - Betty and Barney Hill are interviewed on the Alan Douglas Show, May 25, 1966. Betty and Barney give an in-depth accounting of their abduction, including for the first time their knowledge of the events under hypnosis, which Barney didn't know when he gave his interview with Harv Morgan in 1964. Earl J. Neff of the Cleveland Ufology Project co-hosts the show -01:34:00

11 - John H. Luttrell, a journalist, reported on the Betty and Barney Hill abduction case for the Boston Traveler in 1965. Luttrell is interviewed on the Fred Cole Show - 13:45

12 - John H. Luttrell is interviewed on the Alan Derry Show in 1965 - 25:00

13 - John G. Fuller, author of Interrupted Journey which chronicled the Hill abduction in 1966, is interviewed on the Merv Griffin Show, August 17, 1966 -10:00

14 - Barney Hill is interviewed on the Mike Douglas Show, October 25, 1966 -17:30

15 - Captured by a UFO. Betty and Barney Hill are questioned on the David Schumberg show by a panel of scientists and academics. Participating are - Dr. James E. McDonald, Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, Dr. Carl Sagan, Dr. Leon Jerrif and Mr. Edward Eddleson. Aired March 17, 1967 - 45:00

16 - Betty Hill and Marjorie Fish. Marjorie Fish was a lay scientist who developed a three dimensional view of the Star Map Betty Hill saw on the UFO during the abduction. This unique recording was made by Marjorie Fish during her interviews with Betty Hill and was done in Betty's kitchen during the course of preparing dinner on August 8, 1968. Unfortunately, most of the recording is missing and assumed to be on another reel that probably hasn't survived - 02:44

17 - Marjorie Fish and Betty Hill lecture at the Flying Saucer Investigations Committee meeting in Akron, OH on October 3, 1968 - 27:00

18 - Marjorie Fish audio letter to Richard Lee of October 12, 1969, giving an in-depth explanation of how Fish came to discover that the Hill Star Map was an actual view of a star cluster in our galaxy. A rare an important insight into the Star Map specifics - 01:42:20

19 - Star Map. Stanton Friedman comments on the validity of the Betty Hill Star Map. Date unknown - 05:45

20 - Betty Hill is interviewed on the Tom Snyder Show, October 23, 1975, regarding the abduction, release of the NBC TV movie UFO Incident and the Star Map - 43:15

21 - Betty Hill and Dr. Benjamin Simon are interviewed on the Today Show to promote the NBC TV movie, the UFO Incident, on October 25, 1975 - 08:30

22 - Betty Hill gives a lecture about the abduction at MUFON member Chip Howard's home on April 2, 1976 - 44:45

23 - Betty Hill lectures at the Fate Magazine Convention in 1977 - 32:30

24 - Betty Hill promotes her book. Date and show undetermined - 07:00

25 - Betty Hill undertakes a lie detector test on F. Lee Bailey's show, Lie Detector, on May 23, 1982 - 26:30

26 - John Michell (UK) lectures on Alien Infiltration on May 21, 1966 - 01:00:00

27 - Animal Mutilation Case, Calgary, CN, August 23, 1967. Witness statement to Herbert Clark of the Vancouver, BC Flying Saucer Club - 23:30

28 - Snippy the Horse Mutilation Case, Colorado, USA, November 2, 1967. Mrs. Burl Lewis, owner of the horse Lady (Snippy was used by local area newspapers), is interviewed by Larry Moyers of the Flying Saucer Investigations Committee of Akron, OH - 20:00

29 - Jim (Leslie James) Lorenzen, Director of the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO), lectures on Animal Mutilation at the November, 1974 Hal Starr UFO 79 Symposium - 31:45

30 - Herbert Schirmer, Ashland, NE police officer, is interviewed by Col. Stahl and Duane Beard on December 13, 1967 regarding his abduction. Chief Walskin also attends the interview - 30:00

31 - Herbert Schirmer gives a short lecture in Florida on his alien abduction. 1974 - 20:00

32 - Betty Andreasson is interviewed on the Transitions radio show in 1979 -09:30

33 - Raymond E. Fowler, prominent abduction researcher, is interviewed on radio regarding his investigation of the Betty Andreasson abduction incident on April 23, 1979 - 39:30

34 - Raymond E. Fowler is interviewed on television regarding his investigation of the Andreasson abduction incident on May 23, 1979 and to promote his book - 17:45

35 - Betty Andreasson and Raymond Fowler are interviewed on the Mike Douglas show, June 12, 1979 - 15:30

36 - Carrol Wayne Watts, Loco, TX, is interviewed regarding his alien abduction on March 31, 1968 - 34:45

37 - Edward Robinson of Calgary, CN is interviewed regarding his alien abduction in August, 1968 - 04:45

38 - Maureen Puddy, Frankston, Victoria, Australia, is interviewed regarding her July 24, 1972 abduction - 19:00

39 - Pascagoula, MS Sheriff Department interview of Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker on October 11, 1973 - 38:00

40 - Charles Hickson is interviewed by Dr. James Harder - 16:45

41 - Chuck Burgess, Pascagoula, MS newspaper reporter is interviewed by Kevin Doyle on radio, October 12, 1973, regarding Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker - 11:00

42 - Pascagoula, MS Sheriff, Fred Diamond comments on the Hickson/Parker abduction investigation October 12, 1973 - 01:15:00

43 - Fred Diamond, Sheriff of Pascagoula, MS, is interviewed on the radio, October 12, 1973 - 07:45

44 - Pascagoula, MS radio news report of October 16, 1973 - 01:30

45 - Charles Hickson interviewed and comments by Dr. J. Allen Hynek in October, 1974 - 19:30

46 - Calvin Parker hypnosis audio clip from 1974 - 11:15

47 - Charles Hickson statement on UFOs, Extraterrestrials and his abduction in 1974 - 11:30

48 - Charles Hickson interviewed in Jackson, MS in 1999 - 30:00

49 - Travis Walton gives his first interview on November 11, 1975 following his abduction in the Apache-Seagreaves National Park, AZ - 26:15

50 - Travis Walton interviewed on April 23, 1980 by Page Bryant and Jack Kennicutt - 16:30

51 - Cleve Baxter, expert polygraph examiner, lectures on The Use of the Polygraph in UFO Encounters at Hal Starr's UFO 79 Symposium, November, 1979. Baxter rips debunker Philip Klass - 37:00

52 - Liberty, KY Abduction of January 6, 1976. Abductee/researcher Lydia Morel relates the investigation and her friendship with the abductees - 49:00

53 - Dr. James Harder lectures on, Do Aliens Communicate at the 1974 UFO Symposium - 27:30

54 - Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle lectures on abductee's propheses at the 1974 UFO Symposium - 24:30

55 - M. I. T. Abduction Conference interviews with Dr. David Pritchard, C.D.B. Bryan and John Carpenter on September 9, 1995 - 42:45

56 - Dr. David M. Jacobs lectures on Alien Abduction in 1998 - 18:00



Annex Disc 6 : Saucerology : 48 Tracks - 35+ hours

48 Tracks
Total Running Time: 35:45:50

01: George Adamski relates his contact with Orthon in November, 1952. This is actually the first recording done by Dr. A. G. Dittmar in 1953. 30:00

02: The World of Maldek: George Hunt Williamson's channeling of Hatton in the Solex Mal language giving the history of the legendary planet, Maldek. This was recorded in late 1953. George Hunt Williamson accompanied George Adamski in November, 1952, when Adamski claims he met Orthon. This recording is difficult to listen to due to the blend of music, voice change during the alleged channeling of Hatton and the use of the so-called Solex Mal language. 25:00

03: George Adamski is interviewed on the Art Linkletter TV show to discuss his book, The Flying Saucers Have Landed, 10.19.1953. 7:00

04: George Adamski is interviewed by Desmond Leslie, co-author of The Flying Saucers Have Landed, in 1954. 23:15

05. George Hunt Williamson is interviewed in 1954 by Carl Hunrath. Hunrath and Jack Wilkinson. Hunrath and Wilkinson disappeared on an airplane flight trying to contact flying saucers over the Mojave desert. This interview took place at Giant Rock, George Van Tassel's Mecca for Contactees. 35:00

06: George Hunt Williamson lectures at the Detroit Truth League on 06.23.1954. 73:39

07: George Adamski lectures at the 1955 Giant Rock Convention. He is obviously in good humor and slightly inebriated. Adamski is introduced by Richard Miller. 35:00

08: Council of the Seven Lights Transmission of George Van Tassel. Van Tassel claimed contact with flying saucers and aliens via radio transmission and channeling. At Giant Rock he introduced his Adaphone, which allowed two-way communications to take place. The following recordings are George Van Tassel allegedly communicating and channeling with various aliens using his special equipment. A rare look inside Van Tassel the man and his penchant for hoodwinking people. 25:49

09: Council of the Seven Lights Transmissions Continued. 48:00

10: Council of the Seven Lights Transmissions Conclusion. 44:30

11: George Adamski commentary regarding Sec. of the Air Force, Donald Quarles. Dr. A. G. Dittmar's early recording from 11.08.1955 and the first in his Adamski series; although Adamski relating his contact with Orthon preceeded this recording by two years. Dittmar was not only the first person to preserve early recordings from Ufology, he also was the first to introduce music into the recording series in an attempt to make these recordings more enjoyable. Dittmar received many of his recordings from the contactees themselves. 28:15

12: George Adamski has a conversation with Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, former head of the USAF's Project Blue Book, in 1955. Ruppelt was researching his book, The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects ( Doubleday - 1956), during his visit to the Giant Rock Spacecraft Convention. This recording is interesting from the standpoint that Adamski disagrees with many of Van Tassel's beliefs and they discuss various contactees such as, George Hunt Williamson, Richard Miller, John Otto, etc. 85:15

13: George Hunt Williamson lectures on Coming Earth Changes in Cleveland, OH, 1956. 72:00

14: George Van Tassel lectures at the Yucapia, CA Rotary Club on 07.10.1956. 49:45

15: George Adamski gives remarks at the Michigan Flying Saucer Federation Convention, held 06.29.1957. 10:00

16: George Van Tassel lecture of 1958 from the Gray Barker audio series. 47:45

17: George Adamski is interviewed by Jerry Walsh on KTTV-TV, July 25, 1958. 27:30

18: George Adamski lectures at Caxton Hall, London, England on September 14, 1958. 74:00

19: George Adamski is interviewed by Earl J. Neff of the Cleveland, OH UFO Project (CUP) on 03.13.1959. 13:55

20: George King, founder of the Aetherius Society, lectures on Cosmic Masters and the Space People, at a private home in London, England in August, 1960. 68:30

21: George Adamski gives a private lecture held at the home of Rosemary Decker, on 04.13.1960. The topic of his lecture is based upon his project, The Science of Life, which he was actively engaged in promoting during his later years. 73:55

22: George Adamski appears on Long John Nebel's TV show, 04.30.1960. Poor Quality. 19:15

23: George Adamski is interviewed by Bob Neil in 1962. 5:00

24: Aetherius, Cosmic Master of the Planetary Parliment: George King channels a message by the Great Cosmic Master, Aetherius of the Interplanetary Parliament, regarding The New World in 1964. 29:45

25: George Adamski participates in a Science Panel discussion on Community Dialogue in 1964. 27:30

26: Truman Bethurum guests on Nancy Allen's Book Review program 08.06.1954. 11:30

27: Richard Miller lectures at the 1955 Giant Rock Spacecraft Convention. 26:56

28: Richard Miller's Galaxy: The Program Unique broadcasts of 1954. Episodes 1-5. 72:54

29: Richard Miller's Galaxy: The Program Unique Broadcasts of 1954. Episodes 6-10. 69:30

30: Howard Menger's Authentic Music from Another Planet.1956. 28:50

31: Buck Nelson on his Trips into Outer Space 03.14.1956. 31:15

32: William Ferguson on his Trips to Mars 07.08.1956. 31:25

33: Daniel W. Fry guests on Long John Nebel program 08.01.1956. 54:12

34: John Otto relates Needles, CA contact on Long John Nebel program 11.02.1956. 27:36

35: Lee Childers speaks at the Michigan Flying Saucer Federation convention 06.29.1957. 15:45

36: Bryant & Helen Reeve speak at the Michigan Flying Saucer Federation convention 06.29.1957. 17:15

37: Rhinehold O. Schmidt interview on KGSW radio 11.01.1957 12:25

38: Rhinehold O. Schmidt interview with Pete Nelson 11.06.1957 23:35

39: Rhinehold O. Schmidt and Maj. Wayne S. Aho at the 03.02.1958 meeting of the Detroit Flying Saucer Research Group meeting. 87:00

40: Major Wayne S. Aho is interviewed by Steve Allison in July, 1958. 23:50

41: Howard and Connie Menger are interviewed by Walter McGraw on NBC Monitor 11.28.1958 coverage of the 1st Interplanetary Spacecraft Convention held on the Menger farm in Lebanon, NJ. 38:45

42: Major Wayne S. Aho lectures at Daniel W. Fry's Understanding International's Pasadena, CA meeting of September, 1960. 61:45

43: Continuation of 42. 61:33

44: Woodrow Derenberger is interviewed by Thomas Barker on 11.03.1966. 30:00

45: Daniel W. Fry is interviewed and challenged by Philip Klass on the Betty Grobley show 11.15.1966. 30:45

46: Woodrow Derenberger is interviewed on the Alan Douglas show in 1967. 42:29

47: Daniel W. Fry interviewed on KNEW 11.21.1967. 35:25

48: Woodrow Derenberger is interviewed on the Clyde Thomas show in November, 1972. 23:25


Annex Disc 7 : CEIII Humanoids (An Audio Retrospective) 

34 Tracks
Total Running Time: 13:05:56


Although accounts of humanoids piloting flying saucers go back many decades, this scenario was not initially publicized widely and soon forgotten by the general public. In 1952 radio newsman Frank Edwards startled the listeners with an interview with William Squyres, who observed a UFO with occupants over Pittsburg, Kansas in 1952. A little over a decade later the UFO occupant scenario began evolving to cover alien abductions and very strange creatures. This compilation deals with humanoid encounters that did not result in known alien abductions which are available on an earlier compilation CE lV


Track Listing

01: Silas Newton relates the crash of a UFO with humanoids at Aztec, NM in 1948. This is most likely a complete hoax as current research seems to indicate. Silas Newton's background is certainly not sterling - 00:24:00

02: Richard Squyres of Pittsburgh, KS reported observing humanoids in a flying saucer on August 25, 1952. He is interviewed on the telephone by newsman, Frank Edwards. For all intents and purposes, this report is the beginning of the humanoid reports - 00:02:54

03: Dr. Adolph G. Dittmar interviews a Hemmingsford, Ontario, CN family regarding their encounter with a flying saucer on August 28, 1954. Although not exactly a humanoid case, it does contain elements of disinformation and is a CE III - 00:28:52

04: The Antonio Villas-Boas CE III case is discussed by researcher Dr. Olavo Fontes at a 1966 NICAP meeting. Although considered one of the first alien abduction cases, it is more a CE lll encounter with humanoids, since Villas-Boas was not technically abducted, but did interact sexually with a female alien - 00:18:00

05. Mr. and Mrs. John Trasco of Everittsville, PA are interviewed by Jules St. Germain, et. al., regarding his encounter with a putty-faced humanoid wearing a tam o'shanter, who was attempting to steal Trasco's dog, on November 6, 1957 - 01:10:30

06: Willy Ley gives a short lecture on what aliens may look like at the May 23, 1958 Civilian Saucer Intelligence - NY symposium - 00:21:30

07: Isabel David, CSI-NY board member, is interviewed regarding aliens by Walter McGraw at Howard Menger's 1st East Coast Interplanetary Spacecraft Convention in Lebanon, NJ on November 28, 1958 - 00:03:58

08: Fr. William Booth Gill lectures in the UK regarding his observation of flying saucers and humanoids at Papua, New Guinea in 1959 - 00:44:00

09: Infamous Pancake Encounter of April 18, 1964, when Joseph Simonton of Eagle River, NJ, talked to aliens, who shared their meal with him. He is interviewed on radio regarding his encounter - 00:17:00

10: Radio interview with Gary Wilcox of Newark Valley, NY, who visited with aliens on his farm for several hours. Listen carefully and you will hear Wilcox's cows mooing behind him - 00:06:25

11: Socorro, NM police officer Lonnie Zamora is interviewed by Walter Strode regarding his encounter with a UFO and two humanoids on April 25, 1964 - 00:12:15

12: Robert Sandler encounters a humanoid at Otis AFB in September, 1964. He is interviewed by Don Berliner in 1977 - 00:25:42

13. Infamous Bow and Arrow Encounter of September 5, 1964 at Cisco Grove, CA. Donald Schrum is interviewed regarding his encounter with robotic aliens while hunting. He shot several of the creatures with his bow and arrows. He is interviewed by Lt. Col. Robert Friend of Project Blue Book. 00:10:30

14: Bill Hurtski, Cochrane, Alberta, CN, details his close encounter in October, 1966 - 00:27:30

15: On March 28, 1967, David Morris of Ohio, observes humanoids and runs over one of them with his car - 00:07:00

16: Stanley Orr of Neufield, NY, describes the inside of a flying saucer on October 13, 1967. This interview was shared with the Condon Committee. George Earley gives background to the interview - 00:17:46

17: Stan Gordon gives a telephone update regarding the UFO/Hairy Biped sightings in Pennsylvania to Larry Moyers of the Flying Saucer Investigations Committee of Akron, OH in 1973 - 00:19:59

18: Earley Patterson of Euphora, KS is interviewed on October 17,1973 by Jack King, regarding his close encounter - 00:27:45

19: Walter Andrus lectures on UFO Entities at Hal Starr's UFO 79 Symposium in November, 1974 - 00:50:00

20: A UFO witness in Brownstown, IL relates his encounter and took photographs. He is interviewed by Robert Gribble of the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, WA on January 5, 1975 - 00:12:40

21: A young Washington State woman undergoes hypnosis after an encounter she and her family had during the return from a camping trip. Alien contact in the form of green eyes and taking over the control of a car, but the time as well. Date of encounter was September 20, 1975 - 00:26:52

22: Mountlake, WA encounter from a young man who suffered nightmares after his encounter with a UFO and its occupants on September 25, 1975. 18:45

23: Encounter with a large hairy biped by a Tacoma, WA man on October 3, 1975 - 00:07:52

24: Sam Cox encounters a silver alien in a UFO while driving near Kent, OH on May 12, 1976. He is interviewed by Larry Moyers of the Flying Saucer Investigations Committee of Akron, Ohio - 00: 40:08

25: Lost in the mountains of Colorada an Arlington, VA man recounts his experience with UFOs, gypsies and distorted time. Interviewed by Robert Gribble of the National UFO Reporting Center on June 30, 1976 - 00:11:07

26: Leonard Stringfield gives a talk regarding UFO occupants and crash retrievals at the May 27, 1977 Cleveland Ufology Project's annual banquet - 01:09:45

27: Dr. Frank Salisbury, Ted Bloecher and Curtis Fuller discuss Encounters with UFO Beings in 1977 - 01:14:47

28: A Yukon, OK man encounters a UFO and aliens on August 1, 1978. He is interviewed by Robert Gribble of the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, Washington - 00:08:00

29: CE lll encounter with UFO occupants near Manton, CA on August 19, 1978. Witness is interviewed by Robert Gribble - 00:11:21

30: Robert Estes encounters a UFO and its occupant near Souix City, IA on September 14, 1978. He is interviewed by Robert Gribble - 00:08:33

31: Bryn Mawr, PA man encounters a UFO and its occupants on December 11, 1978. He is interviewed by Robert Gribble. - 00:08:49

32: Alien encounter at Klamath Falls, OR on January 9, 1979. Witness interviewed by Robert Gribble - 00:08:10

33: Kingman, AZ man encounters a UFO and occupants and reports it to Luke AFB. Major Jenson, USAF, contacts Robert Gribble at the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, WA, regarding the case and Gribble interviews the witness on January 9, 1979 - 00:17:03

34: Climax Springs, MO man observes a UFO and its occupants. He is interviewed by Robert Gribble on December 12, 1987 - 00:27:28 



Annex Disc 8 : Cops & Saucers (Law Enforcement and UFOs 1957 - 1981)

41 Tracks
Total Running Time: 12:06:12

In Chronological Order

01: Levelland, TX. 11.07.1957. Bob Pierpoint, CBS News, reports on the UFO incident. 00:38

02: Levelland, TX. 11.08.1957. Sheriff Weir Clem is interviewed by Anthony Edwards. 05:30

03: Adrian, MI. 12.05.1957. Police officer, ambulance driver and witnesses interviewed by Alan Rowe of the Detroit UFO Research Group. 41:00

04: Fulton County, IN. 01.23.1958. Deputy Sheriff Thomas Barker describes an encounter with a UFO. 11:15

05. Redmond, OR. 09.24.1959. Police Officer Robert Dickerson and FAA Flight Service Specialist LaVerne Wertz are interviewed by a local radio station. 12:00

06: Minerva, OH. 09.18.1962. Patrolman Frank McCurry is interviewed by Marc Candusso of the Flying Saucer Investigations Committee. McCurry also talks about a group of seven UFOs he spotted while on patrol in 1955. 15:30

07: Socorro, NM. 04.24.1964. Officer Lonnie Zamora is interviewed by Walter Strode on KSRC Radio. 12:15

08: Socorro, NM. 04.24.1964. Dr. J. Allen Hynek from the USAF Project Blue Book investigation, is interviewed by KSRC radio's Walter Strode, in Dr. Hynek's motel room and recorded by Ray Stanford, NICAP. Other USAF investigators were also in the room and the listener can hear them in the background. Hynek comments on the symbol and people Patrolman Lonnie Zamora observed. 04:00

09: Socorro, NM. 04.24.1964. Police Dispatcher Mike Martinez is recorded by Ray Stanford regarding Lonnie Zamora's description of the symbol he observed on the side of the object. 02:32

10: Socorro, NM. 04.24.1964 April 24, 1964. Louis Reidel, publisher of the El Defensor Chieftain newspaper in Socorro, is interviewed by Ray Stanford regarding little men with hoofed feet near the object that Officer Lonnie Zamora observed and reported to the USAF investigators. 08:00

11: Socorro, NM. 04.24.1964. Opel Grinder, service station attendant in Socorro, NM, gives a statement to Ray Stanford regarding the object as seen by customers on the highway who stopped at his station just before Officer Lonnie Zamora came upon the UFO. 00:52

12: Socorro, NM. 04.24.1964. Officer Lonnie Zamora is interviewed on the phone by NICAP's Streeter Stuart, 04.29.1964. 02:50

13: Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN. 1965. Radio news report of a police chasing a UFO. 01:40

14: Damon, TX. 09.03.1965. Brazoria County Chief Deputy B. E. McCoy and Deputy Robert Goode encountered a UFO that buzzed their patrol car. McCoy describes the incident. 03:15

15: Exeter, NH. 09.03.1965. Officer Eugene Bertrand, Jr. and Officer David Hunt observed a UFO. Bertrand gives a short description of the incident. 01:00

16: Wanaque, NJ. 01.11-12.1966. Gordon Lore (NICAP) interviews witnesses at the Wanaque, NJ Police Station January 14, 1966. Witnesses included Howard Bell, newspaper editor and Mayor Wolf. Resevior police officers encountered UFOs above the resevior in Wanaque. 56:35

17: Milan, MI. 03.17.1966. News report and inteview with Deputy Nuel Schneider who, along with Deptuy David Fitzpatrick, encountered three UFOs which they photographed. 02:45

18: Washtenaw County, MI. 03.20.1966. Patrolman Robert Honeywell describes an object that he encountered near Dexter, Michigan. State Police Colonel Frederick Davis comments on the incidents of UFOs being sighted in Michigan. 04:15

19: Exeter, NH. 10.11.1066. Unknown police officer is interviewed regarding his UFO sighting. 15:45

20: Portage County (Ravenna), OH. 04.17.1966. Deputy Sheriff Dale Spaur and Mandalay Village Police Chief, Gerald Booker, give their narratives of the UFO chase incident on WKSU radio. 15:15

21: Portage County (Ravenna), OH. 04.17.1966. Deputy Sheriff Dale Spaur is interviewed by Marc Candusso from the Flying Saucer Investigations Committee of Akron, OH on April 19, 1966. 65:00

22: Portage County (Ravenna), OH. 04.17.1966. Major Hector Quintanilla, Jr., USAF Project Blue Book, takes Officer Dale Spaur, Officer Barney Neff and others statement at the Ravenna, OH police station on May 11, 1966. Quintanilla tells them they saw either a satellite or the planet Venus. 55:00

23: Portage County (Ravenna), OH. 04.17.1966. NICAP's William Weitzel asked Dale Spaur, etc., following their meeting with Major Hector Quintanill, Jr. for their reaction as to Quintanilla's explanation of their case. 14:30

24: Sharon, MA. 04.18.1966. News report with interview of Police Sergeant Bernard Coffey who observed an egg-shaped UFO that rotated and had windows. 10:15

25: Akron, OH. 04.18.1966. April 18, 1966. Police Officer Gary Youst of Akron, OH is interviewed by Marc Candusso of the Flying Saucer Investigations Committee, regarding his sighting of a huge UFO over a church while on patrol. 26:00
26: Akron, OH. 04.18.1966. Police Officer John Bickett is interviewed by Marc Candusso of the Flying Saucer Investigations Committee, regarding his sighting of a huge UFO over a church while on patrol. 18:30

27: Ashland, NB. 12.03.1967. Interviews with Officer Herbert Schirmer, Officer Pat Scholting and Chief Leschin. Officer Schirmer was abducted and taken aboard a UFO while on patrol. Interview conducted by Col. B. F. Stahl and Duane Beard. Poor recording. 30:30

28: Ashland, NB. 12.03.1967. Officer Herbert Schirmer gives an account of his encounter and abduction by a UFO in 1974. 30:00

29: Erie County, OH. 02.10.1967. Constable Gary Butler is interviewed by Rick Hilberg and Earl J. Neff of the Cleveland Ufology Project (CUP). Butler observed a bluish-colored UFO near the National Air and Space Administration's (NASA) nuclear facility in Sandusky, Ohio. 07:00

30: Tillamook, OR. March, 1967. Project Blue Book recording. Interviews of Police Officer B. F. Taylor and KTIL Radio manager, Dennis Kruger. 04:15

31: Michigan City, IN. 06.20.1969. Bill Loft interviews Corporal James Kaufman, Sgt. Lance Hilberg, Tong Ragdale and Ted Stanz of the police department and Vern Freeman, Robert Davenport, Charles Dolan and Gus Tarantino of the U.S. Coast Guard regarding their sighting of seven disc-shaped, pulsating objects, over Lake Michigan. One of the objects made a strange noise as it almost collided with a pier. The observations lasted well over an hour when the objects formed into one and disappeared. 48:00

32: Los Alamos, NM. 1971. Dr. J. Allen Hynek has a phone conversation with a Los Alamos, NM police officer who observed a dull white, submarine shaped object, along the tree line of the Los Alamos canyon. The object was also observed by a Los Alamos Security Police Officer. 21:45

33: Tilton, NH. 08.11.1974. Tilton police department dispatch recording during an incident of a domed disc approaching a police car. As the officers signaled the object it began to signal back. Before the incident was over, three separate UFOs were observed. Voices on the tape include officers from Tilton, Belmont and Gilford, NH. They are: Mark E. Paine, Michael Alden, Mike McCarthy, Norman Stanley, Steven Hodges and Scott Wolf. Remainder of recording is J. Oswald talking with George Prescott and dispatchers at the Tilton, NH police department. 46:15

34: Elmwood, WS. 04.07.1975. Police Officer George Wheeler states his encounter with a UFO. 00:47

35: Lumberton, NC. 05.19.1975. Interview of Police Chief William Halstead, Patrolman John Hayes and a citizen driver, Bill Stanton. All observed a triangular craft. When Chief Halstead signaled the object with his headlights the object signaled back. 16:45

36: Ventnor, NJ. 01.20.1976. Patrolman Frank Ingargolia is interviewed on WIND radio, Chicago, IL on January 23. Ingargolia and a reporter riding in his patrol car, observe an object over the boardwalk. The object paces the car and they stop on the beach to observe a shining light from the patrol car onto the object, which after an hour, disappeared. 16:13

37: Ocala, FL. 05.14.1978. Police officers receive a report of a UFO near railroad tracks, thinks it's funny and probably a remote controlled device used on power lines. But, it isn't. A neat little game of cops and saucers ensues. 21:15

38: St. Helens, WA. 03.17.1981. State Trooper Thomas McCartney, St. Helen's Police Officers Mike Dyer, Earl Myer, Sgt. Donald Yokum and Officer Sallé observe an object over the Columbia River. The object came from the sky, dropping straight down and hovered over the river. The object emitted a fog around the area and was so bright birds began to wake and sing. The object was then heard to have splashed down in the river. The noise from the object was caught on tape by Officer Sallé and Donald Lee Atkins, a CB operator from his house next to the river. This is the audio recording from Atkins CB into Officer Sallé's tape recorder. 03:13

39: St. Helens, WA. 03.17.1981. State Trooper Thomas McCartney is interviewed on KXL Radio News. 04:20

40: Highland, IL. Circa 1982. Police Dispatch regarding a huge UFO. 03:36

41: Trumball County, OH. Police Dispatch Recording, 12.14.1994. 50:45


Annex Disc 9 : Profiles in Uology (Volume 1)
Major Donald E. Keyhoe, Dr. James E. McDonald & Frank Edwards

Tracks: 58
Total Running Time: 33:44:53

01: Major Donald E. Keyhoe is interviewed on the Betty Grobley radio show in 1953. This is the earliest recording known to date featuring Major Donald E. Keyhoe after his newest book release, Flying Saucers from Outer Space. 08:18

02: Major Donald E. Keyhoe and Time magazine's science editor, Jonathan M. Leonard, debate the flying saucer issue on America's Town Meeting program of 11.16.1953. 32:00

03: Major Donald E. Keyhoe gives an update regarding Sec. Air Force, Harold Talbot and the two mystery satellites orbiting the earth on Frank Edwards and the News, 1954.. 02:35

04: Major Donald E. Keyhoe is interviewed by a reporter from WKAP radio in November, 1957 regarding the Leveland, Texas UFO Case. This was one of the first interviews of Keyhoe after taking over as Director of NICAP. 11:16

05: Armstrong Circle Theater, UFO: The Enigma from the Skies. Hosted by Douglas Edwards on 01.22.1958. Guests were Major Donald E. Keyhoe, Col. Spenser Whedon, USAF and Dr. Donald H. Menzel, whom each give a position on the flying saucer controversy. It was this program where Major Keyhoe's microphone was turned down causing a charge of censorship by the UFO research community. 52:00

06: Major Donald E. Keyhoe is interviewed on the Mike Wallace Interviews, 03.08.1958. 26:45

07: Major Donald E. Keyhoe is a guest on the Long John Nebel Party Line, 03.10.1958. Keyhoe discusses NICAP, Armstrong Circle Theater program and his interview with Mike Wallace two days earlier. Poor quality recording. 70:01

08: Major Donald E. Keyhoe gives a lecture to the Cleveland NICAP Subcommittee in September, 1958. 68:00

09: Keyhoe / Tacker Debate. On 12.05 1960, Major Donald E. Keyhoe and Lt. Col. Lawrence Tacker, USAF, appeared on the Dave Garroway TV Show to discuss the UFO phenomena. By the time the segment was over, Keyhoe and Tacker were at each others throats over the subject of UFOs. 26:30

10: Major Donald E. Keyhoe is interviewed regarding NICAP on Capitol Assignment, 12.27.1961. 19:45

11: Major Donald E. Keyhoe and Col. James Bryant are interviewed regarding NICAP and UFOs on the Les Crane Show, January 27, 1965. Keyhoe is severely ridiculed by Crane, causing an uproar by listeners and Les Crane losing his show. 19:30

12: Major Donald E. Keyhoe gives a phone interview to Bob Roark at WPIN Radio in St. Petersburg, FL in February, 1965. He discusses the Wallops Island UFO incident among others. 16:20

13: Major Donald E. Keyhoe is interviewed 04.20.1965 by Dave Garroway. Morey Amsterdam is also a guest. Poor recording in the beginning, it does improve somewhat. 20:05

14: Major Donald E. Keyhoe is interviewed03.04.1966 on the Mike Douglas Show. 08:00

15: Major Donald E. Keyhoe is interviewed 03.17.1966 by Bob Kennedy. 19:30

16: Major Donald E. Keyhoe gives a NICAP Press Conference address at the Commodore Hotel in Washington, DC on March 26, 1966. 30:30

17: Major Donald E. Keyhoe appears on the TV game show, To Tell the Truth, 04.11.1966. 09:25

18: Major Donald E. Keyhoe is a guest speaker on 12.09.1966 at the Oakridge National Laboratory. Following the lecture he gave a slide presentation to the audience and answered questions. Unfortunately the introduction of Major Keyhoe is lost. 82:00

19: Major Donald E. Keyhoe is interviewed telephonically on 01.06.1970 by Alan Douglas. Joining Alan Douglas and Major Keyhoe is Cleveland Ufology Project Director, Earl J. Neff. Off-Air recording and portions suffer from minor signal loss. 43:30

20: Major Donald E. Keyhoe and Col. William Coleman, USAF, debated the reality of UFOs in Canada on the Great Debate in the early 1970s. 41:30

21: Dr. James E. McDonald gives a statement to Australian radio in February, 1967. 14:30

22: Dr. James E. McDonald lectures at the Convention of the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE), 03.27.1967. 28:15

23: Dr. James E. McDonald lectures before the American Institute of Astronautics and Aeronautics (AIAA) Luncheon at the Olympic, WA Boeing facilities, 08.28.1967. 27:45

24: Dr. James E. McDonald is interviewed by David Schaumbreau on Science Panel in 1968. 06:00

25: Dr. James E. McDonald lecture, UFOs: A Case Study in Public Mis-information, at Kent State University, OH on 09.24.1968. 69:40

26: Dr. James E. McDonald lecture at Pt. Mugu Naval Air Station for the American Institute of Astronautics and Aeronautics (AIAA) in 1969. 73:39

27: Dr. James E. McDonald lectures on, Science in Default, at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in 1969. This is the most famous of Dr. McDonald's lectures. 40:30

28: Frank Edwards. Medley of newscasts on flying saucers: 1952 - 1954. 56:15

29: Frank Edwards. Medley of Outer Space Mysteries Vignettes. 21:30

30: Frank Edwards. Medley of Stranger than Science Vignettes. 65:20

31: Frank Edwards lectures at the Detroit Flying Saucer Club on 06-26-1956. 41:30

32: Frank Edwards guests on the Long John Nebel radio program 11-01-1959 Disc 1 of 2. 61:00

33: Continuation of Track 05. 34:00

34: Frank Edwards lectures at the Akron, OH Flying Saucer Investigation Committee. Introduction by Larry Moyers. 57:45

35: Frank Edwards guests on the Merv Griffin Show 07-01-1966. 10:00

36: Frank Edwards guests with Earl J. Neff of the Cleveland, OH UFO Project on the Alan Douglas radio program 09-12-1966. Disc 1 of 2. 60:00

37: Conclusion of Track 09. 38:50

38: Frank Edwards Flying Saucers are Serious Business Self Promo LP. 25:50

39: Desmond Leslie relates the state of Ufology in the United Kingdom in August, 1954. Leslie was a believer in the Contactee movement and a close friend of George Adamski. 25:30

40: Dr. Adolph G. Dittmar is the founder of recording the audio history of Ufology in the 1950s. This extremely rare recording has Dr. Dittmar speaking regarding the early history of Ufology on June 24, 1956. 30:00

41: Dr. Ivan T. Sanderson, biologist and naturalist is interviewed on the Long John Nebel radio show regarding his Biological Theory of UFOs, 11.25.1956. 60:00

42: Robert Coe Gardner is interviewed by the equally famous, Max Miller on 09.14.1957. 40:00

43: Dr. Willy Ley. During the 1950s and early 1960s, Ley was the Carl Sagan of the times. In this recording he speaks on UFOs at the Civilian Saucer Intelligence - New York Symposium on 05.23.1958. 22:53

44: Public affairs program from 1960. Professor Eric F. Goldman of Princton University, moderates the program, Are Flying Saucers Only Science Fiction? Guests on the panel are: Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Dr. Donald H. Menzel, Dr. Ronald Leonard Sprinkle, Dr. Frank Saltzburg and John G. Fuller. 54:31

45: We Are Not Alone/ From 10.21.1966. This program was conceived from Walter Sullivan's book of the same name. It explores the possibility that we are not alone in the universe. 60:00

46: Dr. I. M. Levitt is interviewed 11.23.1966. He was a debunker of the UFO phenomena. 14:00

47: Hubert J. Barnahard lectures on UFOs sometime in the early 1970s. 38:45

48: Otto K. Binder is interviewed by Anthony Amandola on 11.18.1966. 04:30

49: Robert Gribble interviewed by the San Francisco Bee on 03.24.1977. Gribble is the founder of the National UFO Reporting Center in 1974 and Phenomena Reporting Center in 1955. 23:14

50: Robert Barry of the Aerial Phenomena Investigation Society, on his radio show. 11.20.1959. 74:00

51: Robert Barry as Director of the 20th Century UFO Bureau in 1979. 29:29

52: Brinsley le pouer Trench is interviewed in 1955. 07:10

53: Waveney Girvan comments in 1959. Poor recording. 19:16

54: Herbert C. Clark of the Vancouver, BC Flying Saucer Club, is interviewed in March, 1958. 09:08

55: Dr. von Eshleman and Thomas Holzen, members of the Sturrock Panel, are interviewed on 07.03.1998. 25:00

56: Riley Crabb on UFOs in 1967. 43:44

57: Gene DuPlantier radio vignettes of 1967. 28:05

58: Stanton T. Friedman lectures in March, 1974. Taped from audience by Rob Swiatek. Poor recording, but important, in that it is one of Friedman's early lectures which can be compared to his lectures of today. 76:00


Annex Disc 10 : High Strangeness
Men In Black, Mothman, Flatwoods Monster, Hairy Bi-Peds in UFOs, Allende & Philadelphia Experiment, Richard Shaver & Gray Barker

19 Tracks
Total Running Time: 14:45:00


01: Gray Barker lectures on, They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers, presented at the September 27, 1956 1st Annual Convention of the Michigan Flying Saucer Federation, Kalamazoo, MI. Mr. Barker is introduced by John Mayday. 74:00

02: Albert K. Bender speaks on The World of Kalek and the Men in Black at James Moseley's, 7th Congress of Scientific Ufologists, NYC on March 16, 1967. Bender's talk was tape recorded and played at the symposium. Bender did not appear personally. 28:30

03: Dr. Herbert Hopkins, M.D. (Psychiatry), gives an in-depth recollection of an encounter with a Man in Black, at his home, in 1976. Dr. Hopkins was involved in the Stephen's UFO case. With Dr. Hopkins is Betty Hill, Abductee and researcher. Recorded on September 11, 1976. 39:30

04: Norman Oliver gives a lecture entitled, Are There Men in Black? to the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA) on February 7, 1970. Mr. Oliver is introduced by Mr. Arthur Shuttlewood, who investigated the famous Warminster incidents. 45:00

05: John Keel lectures on the Men in Black in 1986. 39:00

06: Gray Barker lectures on the Men in Black in 1976. 27:30

07: John Keel lectures at the March 16, 1966 meeting of Saucer News. This is a remastered special edition of the lecture dealing with Keel's preliminary investigation of the Pt. Pleasant, WV incident commonly known as the Mothman phenomenon. 28:30

08: Gray Barker gives an informal overview of his work and interest in Ufology to help publicize his new book, They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers. Barker also gives background to the Albert Bender M. I. B. mystery and his Flatwoods Monster investigation. Recorded on July 4, 1956, prior to his keynote address to the 1st Annual Convention of the Michigan Flying Saucer Federation two months later. 30:00

09: Dr. Ivan T. Sanderson, biologist, naturalist, writer and lecturer, gives a recollection of his investigation into the Flatwoods, WV monster incident on the November 25, 1956 WOR-NY broadcast of the Long John Nebel Party Line. This was at the request of newsman, Hugh McPhearson, friend of Gray Barker. 36:00

10: Hayden Hewes of the Flying Saucer Investigation Bureau (FSIB) is interviewed regarding Mo-Mo, a hairy bi-ped that terrorized people in 1972. This was the attempt to combine UFO phenomena with the appearance of hairy bi-peds sightings, although a definitive connection has yet to be established and remains unresolved, with rare reports of such creatures continuing to date. This recording was taken off-air and the telephone connection for the interview was not the best. It is, however, very listenable and fortunate to have survived. 56:00

11: Stan Gordon, researcher into the Unionville, PA UFO/HB case and other high strangeness cases, gives an overview of the investigation of the Unionville case to Larry Moyers of the Flying Saucer Investigations Committee (FSIC) of Akron, OH. In this telephone conversation, Gordon tells of the shooting of a hairy bi-ped, mind control capabilities of the creatures, etc. A personal insight into the UFO/HB phenomenon. 20:00

12: Richard Shaver and Ray Palmer of Fate Magazine, are interviewed telephonically on the Long John Nebel Radio Program, in 1956. 57:46

13: Long John Nebel Radio Program from March 13, 1958. Discussion of the Richard Shaver Mysteries and the Deros. 01:55:35

14: Ray Palmer Discusses the Richard Shaver Mystery on June 25, 1977. Ends abruptly. 38:25

15: Morris Ketchum Jessup's only Known Recorded Interview by Clara John of the Little Listening Post at Washington, DC. in 1955. 21:42

16: Gray Barkers', Interview with Allende, from 1967. 27:53

17: Ann Grenzslinger is Interviewed Regarding her Research into the Death of Morris K. Jessup, by Gray Barker, in 1980. 50:39

18: Carlos M. Allende (aka Carl M. Allen) is Interviewed October 14, 1982 by Dan Whitman and Richard (last name not listed). 90:00

19: Carlos M. Allende's Last Known Recording…an Audio Letter to Gray Barker in 1982. 61:00

Annex Disc 11 : Hotline audio reports National UFO Reporting Center

Seattle Washington USA

40 Tracks - Total Running Time: 05:07:48


The Gribble NUFORC Collection consists of dozens of reel to reel tapes, each containing 12 hours of recordings, hundreds of cassettes and thousands of pages of documentation. However, Bob would record calls and not enter them into the Call Log, or Case Files, which is normal across the human spectrum. These witness reports he referred to as his Hotline cases. Unfortunately, some of the recordings have no date given and in some cases, not even the year.



01: Chicksands RAF Communications Center, UK. July, 1965. Three witnesses observe a large dark object over the oak trees. While near the object they could not hear each others voices or any other sound. Post was notified, went on alert and closed. Similar objects reported at seven other military locations at the same time. 08:18 - Play Excerpt

02: Oroville, WA. Spring, 1968 & 1969. A unique case. Back to back daylight sightings. First by a father and son and again a year later, by the mother and other son, who were in the house at the time of the first encounter. Witnesses first hear a crashing thundering noise like a jet crashing, then a metallic cylinder with pointed front and blunt rear hovers between the porch and the power lines. Object moves across the road and railroad tracks before departing. A year later the same type object repeated the same movements. 14:32

03: U.S. Navy Spy Ship Off Coast of San Feugo Harbor, Cuba. January, 1973. 3 cigar-shaped objects are radar painted and on a collision course with the ship. General quarters called. As objects pass they are soundless. 02:26

04: Webster, MA. 1980. Police report a witness observed a black, disc-like object, leave a lake and travels straight up. 02:50

05: Off Coast of CA. 12.13.1981. Oakland Air Traffic Control, along with Air Defense Command and NORAD radar, paint several hard targets 200 miles off the coast. Targets ravelling in unison and suddenly make a 180 degree turn at 2000 knots. 02:34

06: Tujunga, CA at Topanga Canyon. 1986. Two witness encounter a disk over their vehicle that shines down a bright light, illuminating the car and causing the vehicle to stop. Object gave off a humming sound and a smell like burnt cinnamon. Witnesses suffered from short time loss and weeping blisters on their skin. 11:36

07: Eggermont, MA. 1980s. Police Chief reports a woman who was jolted awake by a loud noise and bright white light coming in his room. She observed a triangular object that left triangular depressions in the ground and a cut on the woman's chest. Samples taken from scene of encounter. 03:48 - Play Excerpt

08: Tom's River, NJ. 10.27.1988. Mostly observed over water, a very large triangular-shaped craft manoeuvres erratically and then hovers. No sound. Object had red, green and orange lights and came within 100' of the witness. 05:54

09: Anza, CA. 10.24.1988. Round object with a square opening in the bottom and two tube-like protrusions is observed by witnesses in a vehicle. Before and after the encounter, there were helicopters patrolling the area. 10:00

10: Stanton, ND. 1989. Mercer County Sheriff reports a witness next to a gasification plant in Beullah, ND, observed a bright object over their farm causing electrical outage and microwave oven to go continually malfunction. 02:24

11: Prospect, KY. 1989. Object chases a man and his son in their truck and hovers over his barn. Object described as helicopter-like, with a bubble windshield, giving off a whistling noise. 07:06

12: Jacksonville, FL. 03.26.1989. Call from FAA Center Supervisor that an object is painted on radar and following an aircraft around Augusta, GA. 03:46

13: Clear Lake, CA. 06.24.1989. Wife of a police officer is driving from Seattle to Clear Lake at 5 am. Witness observes a reddish oval object sitting on the ground with 3 or 4 small people around it. Suddenly, she found herself driving on an unfamiliar road and it was two hours later. She couldn't account for what happened after she first observed the object and people. Possible abduction. 17:30

14: Grass Valley, CA. 1989. 9 lighted objects moving in unison with a larger orange object. Orange object looked like a pinwheel and then exploded. There was no sound. 05:42

15: S.W. Harbor, ME. 07.22.1989. Commercial aircraft taking off from Blue Hill Harbor, encounters a metallic, polished-aluminium, object hovering next to their left wing. Cockpit instrumentation is affected. 14:46

16: Portland, ME. 08.26.1989. Air Traffic Control notifies the Center that four Delta Airlines mechanics observe a reddish object over the airport. Strong returns from radar. Pilot aborts landing to investigate at request of tower. Object enters restricted air space three miles from former President George H. W. Bush's Kennebunkport compound. 27:26

17: Grable, WY at Big Horn Basin. 09.20.1989. Objects land on Sheep's Mountain. Objects came in groups over a six month period. 2 F-16 aircraft blocks the flight path of one object. Objects described as submarine-shaped, grayish-purple in color and turning to orange when landing. 20:04

18: Indianapolis, IN FAA Flight Center. 09.29.1989. Four white lighted objects at 25,000' but not tracked on radar. One object breaks from group. Report of objects came from two commercial pilots. 01:44

19: Attwood, MI. 1989. Andy sees a flying saucer. 05:06

20: Kenora Ontario, Canada - 11.21.1989. Object hovers over house and affects the lights and appliances. Three recordings. 16:42

21: Omaha, NB, Rapid City, SD, Fargo, NM & Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN. 1980s. Five air carriers report an object with contrails. 03:10

22: Alton, CA. 1989. Near a nuclear power plant a bright object with lateral wings is observed. From the ground ascended several columns of smokey-black lights. Above the UFO was an aircraft. Recording ends abruptly. 06:38

23: Baltimore, MD Approach Control Tower. 1980s. A box-shaped object with antenna passes in front of a woman pilot in a Piper Cherokee at 5000'. An FAA jet doing work in area, also observes the object. 02:52 - Play Excerpt

24: Bishop, CA. 1980s. Large, black fuselage-type object with square windows, no sound or wings, flys in front of a car at treetop level. 03:48

25: Chesapeake, VA. 1988. Police officer observes a circular craft hover over a house. Object had bright red lights. 05:08

26: Humble, TX. 1980s. While walking his dog on the beach an object over the water, with an Apollo Capsule shape, shoots a blue beam hitting the man. Object lands. Witness walked over to the object and a hatch opened. Several EBEs attempt to communicate with the witness. Witness could not account for 35 minutes. Possible abduction. 12:14

27: Nellis AFB Between St. Lake City, UT and Banning, CA. 1980s. Group of small red, green and blue lighted objects, are observed by a truck driver. The objects light up the side of a mountain and then hover over him and his rig. Suddenly, a weird animal runs in front of him. As he got back in his semi, it began to bounce around and the vehicle was taken over. Possible abduction. 21:04

28: Plymouth, NC. 1980s. A disc-shaped object is observed by over 100 people. Object had approximately 20 pulsating red lights with one white light in front. Object changes from a disc to a triangular shape before zooming off at high speed. 03:36

29: Portland, IN near New Haven. 1980s. Two bright objects approach a woman's car, illuminates it and follows her for 25 miles. When she fled into her home it was illuminated by a large disc with two lights. 05:28

30: Seville, OH. 1980s. Woman observes an octagonal shaped object, gold colored and 3 to 4' in diameter, Walk from a field across the road while giving off a rustling sound. Object returns on the same path and tries to Hop up in the air. After several tries it succeeds and takes off at high speed. UNIQUE 06:08

31: Waterloo, IA. 1989. Young woman, driving in a severe thunderstorm, sudden drives into broad daylight made by a small hole in the clouds. From this opening comes a ball of fire heading directly towards her car. Object collides with passenger side front window and covers the car with a greenish-black substance, except where the object made contact. There was no damage to the windshield. UNIQUE 10:46

32: Gray's Harbor, WA 8 Miles off Coast. 1988. Cruise ship co-pilot observed 6 bright objects sailing horizontally. Lights from objects reflected on the water and ship. Multiple witnesses and objects observed for over five minutes. 06:22

33: Elk, WA. 11.21.1992. A house, close to the Inland Power Company and on a lake, is visited by a bright object changing red to green. Object causes multiple power outages. Four witnesses report that their eyes hurt after observing the object. 04:56

34: Las Vegas, NV. March, 1993. A three year old begins seeing aliens. 02:56

35: Alexandra City, AL at Lake Martin Dam. 03.08.1993. 100 witnesses observe a disc come out of the water. Reported by a retired police officer. 10:10
36: Lansing, MI. 02.04.1993. Three triangular-shaped objects with double rows of lights and several small, cylinder-shaped objects with red lights, shoots out a flaming light. Some of the objects merge with the others. 10:38

37: Above Clayton, NM. 02.21.1993. Two commercial pilots report a steady light under 1000' manoeuvred around. Object then descends north of Clayton. 05:16

38: Edwards Air Force Base near Rosamond, CA. 02.24.1993. Four people ravelling in a van, observe a cluster of lights. As the cluster neared their vehicle, it was a black, oval shaped object with 3 lights at each apex. Object tilted as it come over the vehicle. 10:14

39: South Haven, MN. 02.24.1993. Large square object with four red lights, hovers over farm buildings, then dropped close to the ground. The lights from the object reflected off the farm buildings and the snow. Object gave off no sound. 04:12

40: Largo, FL. 03.08.1993. Airliner passes under a huge glowing object, which lit up the plane. Plane returns for another look. Sighting made by witness on the ground. 04:56

Annex Disc 12 : 1974 - 1977 Audio case reports National UFO Reporting Center

Research Recordings of Robert Gribble's National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) Seattle, WA

1974 - 1977

252 Tracks - Total Running Time: 44:00:25

Robert Gribble began his research into the unidentified flying object phenomena in 1955. He began the Aerial Phenomena Research Group (APRG), which circulated a newsletter detailing new cases.

In late 1974, Gribble converted the Phenomena Research Reporting Center to allow the public a place they could call and report their experiences to a nonjudgmental researcher. Commonly known as the UFO Reporting Center or UFO Central during the early years, it became known internationally as the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC). First calls received began on November 11, 1974.

Over a period of twenty years, Gribble received thousands of telephone calls from witnesses of actual encounters with UFOs, which were recorded and data collected. On-site investigations and interviews were conducted by Gribble and his associates and accompanying documentation for cases were archived.

Robert Gribble retired from research in 1994 and Peter Davenport took over the on-going data collection of the National UFO Reporting Center. In 2004, Robert Gribble donated his research materials to Wendy Connors, culminating in this audio archive of research material. Documentation accompanying these recordings are maintained along with the original recording sources, including the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all witnesses. What you hear is raw, minimally edited, research. Most of the interviews were done within minutes of the encounter or while the encounter was happening.

These recordings are of actual witness interviews to UFO encounters and were selected to show a broad based overview of the UFO phenomena being observed and reported.

It makes no difference whether a person believe, or not believe, in UFOs. But the reality is found here and is indesputable. Nobody, as yet, has proven any of the theories of where these objects originate and why they are encountered. Robert Gribble has made the truth abundantly clear…and you'll hear it directly from people of all walks of life. For the seasoned researcher, this audio data is priceless as the missing half of research that written data could never convey…the human element.

The journey you are about to take will certainly amuse or concern you, but most importantly, I hope it teaches you something new and maybe, just maybe, something quite wonderful for yourself and humanity, as we continue our human journey to the stars.

Wendy Connors
Albuquerque, NM
May, 2006



The first 18 recordings cover 11.14.1974 through 12.20.1974 and was the first major case investigated by the NUFORC since its launch two days earlier.

11.14.1975 Pacific Northwest, U.S. Anatomy of a UFO Investigation

001: Jacob Davidson tells Center of reports coming in to the Everett Police Department of a bright orange object, giving off sparks and flame, then exploding. Object traveling slow on flat trajectory from Alberta, British Columbia to Seattle, WA. 06:28

002: Witness observes a ball of fire spitting sparks out the back and heading South. Object turns and begins heading East and accelerates. Helicopters begin to maneuver over area. 02:46

003: Chet Rogers at KJR Radio reports that there were multiple objects observed and he had talked to a Citizen Band Operator who monitored helicopter traffic in Vancouver, British Columbia. 01:38

004: Call from a Citizen Band Operator who was monitoring the helicopter traffic. 03:28

005: Center calls Thurston County Sheriff's Office to inquire about the impact site being reported. 01:12

006: Center inquiry to KELA, Centralia, WA. Reports that Lewis County Sheriff was notified by McChord AFB Air Approach, that one of their planes observed an impact area. A USAF helicopter was dispatched to search the area. 04:34

007: Official FAA Report of the impact 13 miles South of McKenna, WA. 00:50

008: Witness statement from Onalaska, WA. 02:06

009: KJR Radio Update Report for 11.15.1974. Poor Recording. 01:08

010: Witness statement from a hunter who observes the event near Mt. Rainier, WA. 06:54

011: Center inquiries witness for additional information. See 002. 03:44

012: Navy pilot, on the ground, observes an object for approximately 4 minutes. 07:44

013: Commercial pilot gives a report to the Center. 08:30

014: Helicopter pilot gives a report to the Center. 07:56

015: Chet Rogers, KJR Radio, converses with Gribble and compares notes. 06:14

016: Chet Rogers converses with Gribble and compares notes on investigation. 13:10

017: Chet Rogers converses with Gribble and updates the investigation. 34:04

018: Robert Gribble is interviewed on radio regarding the 11.14.1974 mini-flap. 03:56

019: 12.17.1974 Lackland AFB, TX - UFO encounter from December, 1954. Caller was a cadet pilot (Class 54J), when an object landed 30 feet from his group. When one student began to move toward the object, it took off vertically at great speed. 04:38

020: 12.20.1974 Bremerton, WA - Witness reports observing an 80' domed disc over pine trees. Object hovers and emits a whistling sound. Sighting from 10.28.1974. 08:04

021: 01.05.1975 Brownstown, IL

CE-lll Humanoid encounter. Photograph taken. 12:40

022: 01.18.1975 Anderson Island, WA at Cole Point - A witness observes crescent-shaped object plunge into the waters of Puget Sound. 11:05

023: 02.01.1975 Anacortes, WA - Six fiery objects, flying in unison, with black smoke trails behind them. 05:44

024: 02.08.1975 Hat Island, WA - Large object with three smaller objects is observed. Large object illuminates the ground and the clouds. Multiple witnesses. 07:10

025: 02.26.1975 Bow, WA - Object appears and disappears behind a mountain and several objects came down the side of the mountain and maneuvered above and in the trees, then returning to the larger object. Multiple witnesses. Two recordings of witness statements. 21:00

026: 03.01.1975 Toledo, WA - Reports of UFO activity in area of power station. Object alleged to have downed a helicopter. Four recordings. 69:03

027: 03.31.1975 Montlake Terrace, WA - Tear-shaped object with glowing blue and white lights observed. Very Poor Recording. 06:12

028: 04.25.1975 Bainbridge Island, WA - Circular object with rotating blue and yellow lights, hovers over a tree and gives off a high pitched sound. Very Poor Recording. 10:35

029: 05.01.1975 Harrington, WA - Retired Air Force pilot reports being followed in his car by a large gray object with several smaller objects pacing the larger object. Maj. Burke reported the incident to Fairchild AFB and the local police department. 11:52

030: 06.13.1975 Bellevue, WA - Two orange-colored, cone-shaped objects, merge. 09:24

031: 06.30.1975 Mountains of Colorado - Lost in the mountains, an Arlington, VA man recounts his experience with UFOs, gypsies and distorted time. 11:07

032: 07.25.1975 Camino Island, WA - Triangular craft appears to crash. Multiple witnesses. As the witnesses relate their encounter, they remark that the object they observed, was like the one observed in North Carolina at about the same time. This call from 09.08.1975 This recording is significant because it is a very early flying triangle report. 16:50

033: 08.25.1975 Tacoma, WA - A orangish ball of fire, with a smoking trail, does controlled maneuvers between Tacoma and Mt. Rainier. 07:01

034: 08.30.1975 Puget Sound, WA - Two Tuna boat skippers tell of objects near their boats, off the coast of Grays Harbor, that interfered with their radios. Multiple witnesses. 15:50

035: 08.31.1975 Snogualmic Pass, WA - UFO landing. Multiple witnesses. UFO shooting light into a cloud above it after it landed. This is a compilation of the witness statements to the sighting the same day and the next day after the incident. 34:34

036: 09.09.1975 Seattle, WA - Triangular shaped craft appears to crash. 02:50

037: 09.10.1975 Seattle, WA - 25 U.S. Coast Guardsmen observe a bright UFO maneuvering around a 727 airliner. 05:34

038: 09.24.1975 Geyser, MT - Round UFO, with two antenna-like objects protruding from the sides, pursues a car for 11 miles to her home. The object then hovers next to her house. 07:08

039: 09.27.1975 Seattle, WA - McChord AFB & Sea Tac Radar track a UFO that settles over Seattle. This is a compilation of calls. First is from the Pierce County Sheriff's Office, second from Sea Tac Radar and the last is a couple of military personnel from Base Operations at McChord talking about UFOs. This isn't a really classy UFO report, but it does demonstrate how many contacts Mr. Gribble had assisting in the data collection. 06:33

040: 09.27.1975 Seattle, WA - Triangle UFO observed. This was the third report in the area of these new shaped UFOs being sighted and causing a new chapter in ufological research that continues to the present. 03:30

041: 10.01.1975 Second Tree Lake, WA - Hairy creature observed. Shots fired. 08:44

042: 10.02.1975 Cerritos, CA - Pilot on Continental Airlines FLT. 307, Portland, OR to San Jose, CA and two other crew members, observe a bright light moving on a steady course. 03:44

043: 10.05.1975 Mt. Shasta, CA - Pilot report of a blimp-like object the size of a C-5A transport. Pilot takes a photo of the object. This is a compilation of case recordings. First, FAA Traffic Control notification to Gribble. Second, initial interview with the pilot. Third, on-site interview with pilot by Robert Gribble and Jacob Davidson, on 10.16.1975. 38:36

044: 10.09.1975 Everettsville, WA - Police Dispatcher, Jerry Phillips, gives a series of reports of UFOs that came into the station. Phillips also recounts his encounter with a triangular object. Robert Gribble, Jacob Davidson and Jerry Phillips would have been considered the "core" investigative unit of the UFO Reporting Center. This recording is included to give the researcher a broader view of the internal organization. 09:30

045: 10.13.1975 Conrad, MT - Unidentified object followed by Pondera County Deputy and object then follows the Deputy. Two recordings compiled. First, notification from the Pondera County Sheriff's Office and then an interview with the deputy. 13:42

046: 10.16.1975 KIRO Radio's, Brooks Buford, gives Robert Gribble news coming over the Associated Press wires reporting animal mutilations (MUTES) and a UFO Cult near Fox Lake, IL. 06:04

047: 10.23.1975 Eatonville, WA - Horse-shoe-shaped object with red and bluish-green lights, interferes with a woman's car. 09:30

048: 10.23.1975 Spokane, WA - Object follows car and two planes appear to chase the object. Vehicle Interference and spatial distortion reported. This is a compilation of three recordings. First, Kitsap County Sheriff's Department notifies the Center. Second, a phone interview with one of two primary witnesses the same night. Third is another phone interview with both witnesses by Gribble and Jacob Davidson on 11.01.1975. 56:46

049: 11.01.1975 Clear Water Junction, MT - Domed disc shines a light onto a tanker truck causing it to stop. Two encounters by witness. Possible Abduction. 13:07

050: 11.08.1975 Columbia Falls, MT - Tanker truck driver in transit in Arizona, encounters a disc-shaped UFO that stops his truck. Possible abduction. 13:00

Following are the earliest calls recorded dealing with the Travis Walton Abduction in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, AZ
November 6, 1975.

051: 11.08.1975 Taylor AZ - Notification of the abduction by a friend of Travis Walton's brother. 07:00

052: 11.08.1975 - Jerry Phillips reports to Gribble about his conversation with the Taylor, AZ Town Marshall regarding the abduction. 04:00

053: 11.09.1975 Snowflake, AZ - Ralph Anderson, Travis Walton's brother at 11:21 AM 12:15

054: 11.09.1975 - Jerry Phillips and Robert Gribble discuss the investigations progress at 6:00 PM 09:06

055: 11.11.1975 - Jerry Phillips and Robert Gribble discuss investigation progress at 10:15 AM. 02:45

056: 11.11.1975 Snowflake, AZ - Ralph Anderson at 5:44 PM. 09:19

057: 11.13.1975 Snowflake, AZ - Ralph Anderson at 8:15 PM. 08:13

058: 11.15.1975 Taylor, AZ - Friend of Travis Walton's brother at 12:47 PM. 12:47

059: 11.09.1975 Fairview, MT - Senior Patrolman Pete Kuinnell notifies the Center of a UFO he witnessed chasing Rick Haralson's vehicle for 23 miles at 120 mph. This is a compilation of three recordings. First, Kuinnell's notification of incident. Second, phone interview with Kuinnell later that day and Third, a phone interview with Rick Haralson on 11.10.1975. 25:35

060: 11.20.1975 Near Merced, CA - Woman driving on I-5 suddenly finds herself in the middle of a farm field with bruises on her body and her glasses broken. Possible abduction. Poor Recording. 16:30

061: 11.24.1975 Seattle, WA - Football field sized, black object with alternating lights, silently passes near a man and then changes course to fly under an airplane. 05:46

062: 11.29.1975 Seattle, WA - Flame-like ball gives off smaller objects. Appeared like a meteor in reverse. As the object ejects the smaller objects, it appears to lessen in size. 04:12

063: 12.07.1975 Idaho Falls, ID - Domed disc with light, door and two windows, circle over two girls. Object gave off a beeping sound. Two recordings. Second on 12.14.1975 with mother and other witness. 14:24

064: 12.14.1975 Near Susanville, CA - Rick Bakker and friend Bruce encounter a glowing object with blue & red rotating lights. Object follows their truck. Sheriff also sees object and takes a photograph. Poor recording. 18:44

065: 12.18.1975 Near Hillsboro, OR - Pilot solves own UFO sighting. 03:44

066: 12.31.1975 Sandpoint, ID - Bright object with a "v" on the bottom and a red light on top, is observed by a Sheriff's Deputy, city Police Officer and the County Commissioner. Poor recording. 01:44

067: 12.31.1975 West Seattle Bay - 14 objects descend and float on the water of the bay between Vashon and Maury Islands. At first observation of the lights, they were hanging in the sky and foot steps could be heard on the roof of the building. 27:06


068: 01.04.1976 Fort Ord, CA - Flying Triangle observed for 30 minutes. 08:15

069: 01.16.1976 Salem, OR - Bright light observed and loud humming sound heard on consecutive nights. 04:12

070: 02.01.1976 Eureka, UT - Half triangle, half round object, follows man in his car. Object causes vehicle interference and physical effects on driver. Recorded 11:16

071: 02.06.1976 Olympia, WA - Huge oblong object, launching smaller objects, is observed by a woman driving. Several of the small objects follow her home. Multiple witnesses with secondary events. 16:00

072 02.06.1976 Richmond Beach, WA - Multi-colored lighted object, ejecting smaller objects with tails, is observed by a woman and her husband. The object interferes with television set. 11:52

073: 02.24.1976 Biggs AFB, CA - Multiple witnesses report UFO activity over the base. 02:48

074: 02.29.1976 Broadus, MT - Huge, red object observed at close range by multiple witnesses, one a pilot. This compilation contains two recordings. First, notification to Gribble from the Montana Highway Patrol and second, interviews with several witnesses. 07:52

075: 03.08.1976 Lowry AFB, CO - Entire shift of Security Police observed two objects at the base. The objects were being tracked on base radar, Buckley Air National Guard radar and Stapleton airport. Aircraft sent up to investigate. 01:20

076: 03.25.1976 Odessa, WA - Flying triangle, with windows, hovers over a car. Compiled recordings. First, notification from Odessa Police Department. Second, interview with witness and third, another witness interview. 22:15

077: 03.28.1976 Auburn, WA - Mysterious beeping sound, lasting up to 4 hours and sparks of light, cause consternation in Auburn. Recording of two witnesses. 05:00

078: 04.06.1976 Kirkland, WA - Ex-Navy pilot reports 6 to 8 red lights and 3 blue lights maneuvering north and south of the city at Juanita Bay. Multiple witnesses. 14:25

079: 05.31.1976 Rupert, ID - Southern Idaho Astronomical Association offers support to the UFO Reporting Center. An example of the vastness in resource assistance Gribble was to build up over a twenty year period. 02:36

080: 06.02.1976 Oakdale, CA - Glowing object, with two lights attached, maneuvers around the area. 16:10

081: 06.02.1976 Kemmer, WY - Police officer reports observing a metallic, triangular craft, at close range. Multiple witnesses. Audio ends abruptly as recorded. 03:01

082: 06.04.1976 John Day, OR - Police report a man claiming to have been abducted by entities, with four-inch black eyes and left in an empty parking lot. Compilation of three recordings. First, notification of incident by police and conversation with alleged abductee, call to John Day Police Department by Gribble and finally an interview with police officer involved. 23:26

083: 06.10.1976 Libby, MT - Report on large footprints seen in snow in 1971. Bigfoot? 08:18

084: 06.10.1976 Trinity Center, CA - Trinity County Sheriff's Department reports a caller observed a spherical-shaped object plunge into Lake Trinity. Call recorded on 06.15.1976. 01:30

085: 06.19.1976 Stockton, CA - Man observes four discs landing. One with occupants. This is one of those cases most researchers could certainly do without. This track and track 15 are very important. Pay particular attention to how Gribble remains non-judgmental or non-committal to whether or not the caller is, or isn't stable and continues collecting the data. 09:59

086: 06.25.1976 Cave Junction, OR - A large, stationary, red glowing ball near the ground is observed. Animal reactions and malfunctioning telephone. 14:10

087: 06.27.1976 Tehama County, CA - Two men report seeing a large oblong object with several smaller craft around it. Tehama Sheriff's Department notifies the Center. Tape ends suddenly. 02:28

088: 06.39.1976 Riverside, CA - Military helicopter hovers over area that a large, glowing object descended about 20 minutes earlier. Multiple Witnesses. 07:12

089: 07.06.1976 Roy, UT - Huge disc hovers over a wheat field, lighting it up and humming, searches the area. Object then does a vertical climb at high speed and disappears. Multiple witnesses and huge animal reactions. Two recordings from witnesses who observed the object from different viewpoints. Police reported that three other witnesses to the event. 12:26

090: 07.10.1976 East Layton, UT - Police officer observes an oblong object the size of an airliner, passing over the city. 03:46

091: 07.10.1976 Davis Creek, CA - Glowing domed disc descends vertically from the sky, does a 90 deg. left turn and lands in a valley. Multiple witnesses. Event over several days. Animal reaction is extreme. Also talk of cattle mutilation and Bigfoot. 19:16

092: 07.11.1976 Yosemite National Park - Glowing object approaches truck load of people. 07:41

093: 07.12.1976 Coeur d'Alene, ID - Four Police Officers observe tear drop-shaped object. 06:10

094: 07.18.1976 Spokane, WA - Disc-shaped craft reflecting sunlight, splits in two and disappears. 05:09

095: 07.24.1976 Lamont, WA - Brown object hovers 15' over patio where a mother and daughter are sleeping. The object emits a noise and an electrical charge from the object shocks the woman's daughter. 12:42

096: 07.28.1976 Caldwell, ID - Square-shaped orange object hovers over a car, bathing the driver and road in light, then takes off. 09:34

097: 07.31.1976 Brisbee, AZ - FAA official reports observing a greenish, disc-like object traveling at 3K mph. Object maneuvered like a "bee." Incident happened about mid-May. 06:08

098: 07.31.1976 Malaga, WA - Two reddish/green, spinning lights, observed maneuvering over several hours. One of the objects hovers above Rocky Beach Dam. 15:02

099: 07.31.1976 Eugene, OR - Six witnesses observe a shaft of light emit a ball-shaped object. This object launched another object that disappeared. The launched object returns and disappears into the ball-shaped object. 05:34

100: 08.01.1976 Seattle, WA - Small aircraft over Puget Sound is circled by a small red object. 05:51

101: 08.05.1976 Pine Bluffs, WA - Chief of Police reports a week of strange helicopter activity. 02:38

102: 08.11.1976 Flathead, CO - Several police observe a large glowing object emitting rays of light from the bottom. This case has three recordings compiled. First, notification of UFO activity in the area from the Lincoln County, MT Sheriff's Department, who was monitoring the activity. Second, Flathead, CO Police Dispatcher talks to Gribble. Finally, Gribble interviews one of the police officers. 10:12

103: 08.23.1976 Anatomy of a Bolide - Multi-state witness statements. 36:55

104: 08.26.1976 Portland, OR - FAA notifies the Center of a silver object, tracked on multiple radar (FAA/ARTC in Auburn) radar and with a military plane heading toward the object near Mt. Rainier. 01:36

105: 08.26.1976 Richmond, CO - Gribble received a cattle mutilation report to turn over to Jacob Davidson. 00:57

106: 08.29.1976 Lynwood, CA - Silver, bullet-shaped object, slowly rises upward as it separates and then reattaches itself back into shape. 06:54

107: 08.31.1976 Altadena, CA - Reddish/green object hovering over the Jet Propulsion Laboratory site. Helicopter with searchlight under it and illuminating the object. Object disappears and helicopter tries to locate the object again. 07:18

108: 08.31.1976 Pt. Mugu Naval Station, CA over Airfield

Gray, blimp-like object slowly hovering and moving over the airfield. Two recordings. First, report to Center from Ventura County Sheriff's Department and second, interview with one of the multiple witnesses to the event. 06:22

109: 08.31.1976 Burns Lake, British Columbia, Canada - Large gray object shoots shafts of light onto a car. Object as large as a fuselage of a 747 and made no noise. 17:40

110: 09.06.1976 Anatomy of Soviet Rocket Body Re-Entry. 35:12

Following Recordings are the First Notification of the Case Prior to Formal Investigation

Bill Pecha, Jr. Encounter at Colusa, CA September 10, 1976.

111: 09.10.1976 Colusa, CA Bill Pecha, Jr. and his family observe three objects. One of the objects is focusing a light on electrical transformers and the air around it, is electrified, causing Pecha to feel the charge. The objects follow Pecha and his family in their truck. This is a compilation of two recordings. First, Colusa Police Department calls the Center and Gribble talks to Pecha and second, a part-time police dispatcher, Elaine McGowan also observes the object, which was giving off a humming sound. 19:08

112: 09.13.1976 Everett, WA - Unseen object, high over the water, releasing multiple beams of white light in all directions. 04:32

113: 09.18.1976 Evergreen, MT - Large circular object, with colored lights rotating around the perimeter, remains stationary 25' over a power station. Multiple witnesses viewed object from 300' away. 11:28

114: 09.18.1976 Kalispell, MT - A large and small glowing object, merge. 08:36

115: 09.19.1976 Boulder City, NV - Three objects with colored lights. One object hovering over Hoover Dam. 05:16

116: 09.20.1976 Cauldwell, ID - Metallic, oblong object with 4 vertical windows, passes over a car. This is a compilation of two recordings. First, witness describes the incident and second, a Cauldwell police officer reports sighting the same object. 19:34

117: 09.24.1976 Yuba City, CA - Object approaches car. Witnesses observe the light become a structured craft with struts between two platforms. On a protrusion from the barrel-shaped object was an illuminated letter, "U," and windows. 27:04

118: 09.27.1976 Portland, OR - 25 foot, circular impressions in swamp (sweet) grass in early May, 1976. Reporting is an Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) member. 10:16

119: 10.05.1976 Pacifica, CA - Bright orange, rectangular object, observed over the ocean and possibly the object was protruding from the water. Secondary phenomena. 07:14

120: 10.09.1976 Albuquerque, NM - Three yellowish-colored, disc-shaped objects, over flew the base. Multiple witnesses. 05:30

121: 10.10.1976 San Diego, CA - San Diego County Sheriff's Deputies describe two objects they observed while on patrol. One of the objects was cylindrical in shape with a bright white light in it's center. At each end of the object was rings releasing multi-colored flashes of light. Object disappears at extremely high speed. 08:16

122: 10.11.1976 Gearheart, OR - Bright lighted object at low altitude over the ocean. Compilation of three recordings. First, Police Chief notifies Center on 10.13.76. Second, Police Chief plays for Gribble his recorded interview with the witness and third, witness interviewed by Gribble on 10.13.76. 12:28

123: 10.13.1976 Seattle, WA - Large object hovers over woman's house, emitting a vibrating hum that increased in intensity. Object had a cluster of multi-colored lights on the bottom. Object disappears instantly. 08:48

124: 10.16.1976 Oxnard, CA - Metallic disc-like object appears to lift off of ground and comes within a few feet of colliding with a car. Two recordings compiled. First, notification of incident from Oxnard Police Department and second, interview with primary witness. 07:26

125: 10.20.1976 Snyder, NB - Police Officer and Sheriff's Deputy observe a triangular-shaped object at low altitude, move West to East and then hover. Object remained stationary for awhile and then proceeded E to W. 02:28

126: 10.21.1976 Lyle, WA - Bright white light, near ground alongside the Columbia river, casts flashes of light that are reflected on the river. 06:18

127: 10.23.1976 Hayward, CA - Disc with rotating, vertical, oblong lights and a red dome on top. Local airport said it was a Cessna pulling a banner…only problem? Observation of object was at 11:00 PM. 12:08

128: 10.29.1976 Covina, CA - Silver disc with gold colored lights, hovers low over the road by witness's car, then follows car a short distance. 11:14

129: 11.01.1976 San Angelo, TX - Bright object hovers over top of mountain and illuminates surface of the ground. This is followed by a massively loud noise lasted several minutes. 05:20

130: 11.01.1976 Oak Harbor, WA - Circular object with blue lights and dome on top almost collides with a car. A classic case with vehicle interference and continued phenomena for several days, including massive animal reactions and deaths. Multiple witnesses. This is a compilation of three calls. First and second are from the first primary witness and the third, an interview with the second primary witness. 23:50

131: 11.12.1976 Rock Springs, WY - Report of strange object illuminating ground with a bright light. Three recordings. First is the FAA Flight Service Station reporting object to Center. Second & Third is the Dep. Sheriff who describes the incident and fourth, a WY Highway Patrolman who observed the object with the Deputy Sheriff. 17:04

132: 11.17.1976 Simi, CA - Egg-shaped object stationary next to cloud. Witness's car radio is overtaken by a clear, continuous beeping sound. 07:15

133: 11.27.1976 Milbank, SD - Saucer-shaped object with two protrusions having white lights attached, appears to settle down onto the ground. Witnesses are former police officers. 06:19

134: 11.27.1976 Reno, NV - Possible abduction scenario in the summer of 1974 is reported to the Center. 13:16

135: 11.28.1976 Tyler, TX - Triangular object hovers over car. 05:22

136: 11.29.1976 Ft. Worth, TX - Large, bright object hovers over neighbors house. Neighbor reports her living room became bathed in light and her television malfunctioned. 10:16

137: 11.30.1976 Lovelock, NV - Large object hovers over highway for 15 minutes before taking off and exploding over a mountain. Three recordings. First, Lovelock Highway Patrol. Second, Elko Police Department and Third, interview with law enforcement officer who talked to multiple witnesses. 10:14

138: 12.04.1976 Alamogordo, NM - Two bright objects buzzing over the city. 04:40

139: 12.05.1976 Ft. Worth, TX - Large bright object hovers over neighbors house. Witness suffered eye problem and object bathed room in light. See No. 69 above. Same object observed a week earlier in a different part of Ft. Worth. 10:45

Idaho State Police Trooper Dennis Abrams Encounter of December 8, 1976 at Soda Springs, ID. This case was covered in a 1977 issue of International UFO Reporter.

140: Abrams, near Wood Canyon, observes an object trailing sparks and appears to explode. Thinking an aircraft went down, Abrams went to investigate. As he approached the area he encountered a luminous object with a sparkling halo about 60' in front of him behind some trees. The object hovered and then took off and was spotted by another State Trooper. Recording ends abruptly. 12:00

141: 12.16.1976 Medford, OR - Football shaped object passes through fog and moving slowly like a fish swimming in water. Object was approximately 150' off the ground and made no noise as it rotated. 08:29

142: 12.20.1976 Gresham, OR - Large bright object emits a beam of blue light across the sky and then disappears leaving a smoking trail. 05:54

143: 12.20.1976 Milbank, SD - See #66 above. Sightings continue. Large object approaches to within 50' of the house. Dog dies. Witnesses feel ill. Multiple witness events, including law enforcement. 20:00

Emory Masterson CE lll Encounter at Tucumcari, NM at White Point on November 18/19, 1976

144: Lost while on a hunting trip, Masterson encounters four objects on the ground and four objects landing. Above the objects was a large object, which used light to search and communicate with the other objects and project images onto the clouds. Masterson observes these objects throughout the night. Incident reported to the Center on 12.21.1976. Investigation turned over to the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) by Gribble. Two recordings compiled. First, Mrs. Masterson notifies the Center and Second, Gribble interviews Masterson. 55:05

145: 12.24.1976 Glendora, CA - Private pilot reports three arrow-shaped objects flying in formation and disappearing at high speed. 03:38

146: 12.28.1976 McMinnville, OR - Witness observes large bright object maneuvering in a circular path and pursued by several military aircraft. Object evades aircraft. Two recordings. First, notification of event by McMinnville newspaperman and second, interview with witness. 09:56

147: 12.31.1976 St. Maries, ID - Bright object hovers over car. 12:41


148: 01.02.1977 Logan, UT - Large round light emits a beam to the ground. Multiple witnesses. Two recordings. First, notification of event by Cash County Sheriff's Office and second, phone interview with one of the primary witnesses. 05:51

149: 01.03.1977 Novato, CA - Small cluster of lights on a square object is observed by multiple witnesses. Two recordings. First, notification of incident by an Air Traffic Controller at Oakland, CA FAA and second, interview with a primary witness, a Chief Petty Officer at Hamilton AFB, CA. 07:30

150: 01.04.1977 Hailey, ID - Sheriff's deputy observes a bright light zigzagging over the mountains. Two recordings. First, dispatcher from Hailey Sheriff's Office reporting a caller observing the light and second, a telephone call from the Deputy Sheriff who also observed the object. 06:19

151: 01.08.1977 Arlington, WA - Report of two discs with domes on top and bottom, flashing red, green and gold lights while playing tag, are observed for over 4 hours. 09:31

152: 01.08.1977 Grayland, WA - Red object over ocean illuminates the beach at Gray Harbor. Local Coast Guard investigates, but cannot figure out what is happening. Object observed over several days. 06:54

153: 01.09.1977 Bellevue, ID - Car bathed in red light three times by an object emitting a whirling sound. CB radio interference and animal reaction. Witness was physically affected by the object as it heated up the interior of the vehicle. Note: This is an important scientific case, since no object was seen by the witness, thus displaying some of the same experiences reported by other witnesses who actually observed an object during their experience - WC. 10:49

154: 01.19.1977 Center, ND - Deputy Sheriff calls in his own sighting of a large glowing object. 05:16

155: 01.22.1977 Redmond, WA - Object observed lighting up tops of trees and the clouds. 04:28

156: 01.31.1977 Portland, OR - Metallic disc with stationary lights, descends rapidly to tree top level and maneuvers around, before departing at a high rate of speed. 09:44

157: 02.09.1977 Bothell, WA - Police HU3H Helicopter on routine flight encounters a luminous, egg-shaped object, that maneuvers around the helicopter, causing instrumentation to go haywire. 07:28

158: 02.17.1977 Lakewood, CO - L-shaped object with lights swoops down and begins spinning. It follows a car. 07:48

159: 02.19.1977 Sacramento, CA - Two pyramid-type and translucent objects, sporting read rotating lights and traveling parallel to each other, maneuver approximately 25' over three witnesses. 05:09

160: 02.09.1977 Phoenix, AZ - Large object with blue lights and dome, swoops down in front of a car affecting the speedometer, then paces the car and eventually lands or disappears. 14:20

161: 02.20.1977 Houston, TX - When a UFO isn't a UFO, but a gigantic piece of something, passing slowly and silently overhead and onto the horizon. A unique sighting. 06:54

162: 02.21.1977 Houston, TX - When a UFO is heard, but not seen, over a Texas barn. 03:12

163: 02.26.1977 Santa Barbara, CA - UFO crosses over three hikers and lands. A red object comes out of the top and begins to scan the ground. 08:37

164: 02.27.1977 Kalispell, MT - Translucent, spherical, Saturn-like object with sparkling lights inside, is observed by a retired civil engineer. 07:05

165: 03.02.1977 Needles, CA - Highway Patrolman chases bright object at over 100 mph. Object interferes with radio traffic and lit up the ground. Object also observed by incoming pilot at Daggett, CA and several other Highway Patrol officers also observed the object. Three recordings. First, FAA notification to Center. Second, Daggett Dispatcher and Third, witness. 16:24

166: 03.08.1977 Valley City, ND - Sheriff reports that a North Dakota State Senator and wife were chased by two UFOs. 01:25

167: 03.09.1977 Alamosa, CO - Pilot of a Piper Cherokee 235 flying over La Veta Pass, encounters a large (approx size of DC3), metallic stainless steel colored, elongated spherical object. Object paces aircraft and then comes within 50' of his right wing. Pilot banked hard to avoid collision. Three recordings. First, notification from Alamosa FAA/FSS, second an interview of pilot by Center and last, Center notifies FAA/FSS at Alamosa of details. 14:11

168: 03.13.1977 Pleasanton, CA - Weatherman his wife and son, observe a huge triangular object. Object emits bluish-green and red lights flashing along its leading edge. 08:55

169: 03.13.1977 Santa Barbara, CA - 7 silver discs appear over traffic. Two of the discs were larger than the others and none of the discs made a sound. The objects hovered and swayed. 2 objects over the ocean, three over the freeway and two off to the right of the freeway. All the objects disappeared simultaneously. 14:32

Police Pilots Reports of UFO Activity Over Long Beach, Huntington Beach , Santa Ana, Los Angeles County and Stockton, CA on March 22, 1977

Two UFOs Running Parallel over Several Counties Sighted by Police Pilots

170: Series of 8 recordings. First, Center receives call from pilots of a police plane near Long Beach, CA. Second, 2 Huntington Beach helicopter pilots. Third, Santa Barbara Police Dept. calls the Center. Fourth, second Huntington Beach helicopter pilot interview. Fifth, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept. calls the Center. Sixth, call from Stockton, CA TV station KCRA. Seventh, Center interviews pilots. 58:36

171: 03.22.1977 Colusa, CA - Man and wife observe a metallic disc, with blue lights behind windows, passing over their goat farm. 10:46

172: 03.26.1977 Everett, WA - Cattle Mutilation. Two phone calls between Robert Gribble and Everett Police Dispatcher, Jerry Philips. Discussion primarily of an ongoing investigation by the Center and the results of the trip. Also discussed several Big Foot encounters that had been reported to the Everett Police Department and a couple of short UFO sightings. An insight into the workings of the Phenomena Research Reporting Center. 19:48

173: 03.26.1977 Covina, CA - Report of a flat, circular object, with one red and one white, flashing lights passing over the heads of several witness. Three recordings. First, witness calls Center. Second, KNXT-TV Los Angeles, calls the Center asking for information and Third, witness calls Center with more information. 05:10

174: 03.29.1977 Galveston, TX - Orangish-brown object observed through telescope. Object explodes and the pieces continue upward out of sight. A unique sighting. 01:50

175: 04.01.1977 Little Rock, AR - Two objects sighted on 03.22.77. First object pulsated red to green and the second object, near between the trees and witness's car was a round, yellow sphere that hovered. 28:06

176: 04.03.1977 San Ramon, CA - Red object, shooting of light rays, bathes a family's backyard and causes their dogs to react. 04:04

177: 04.05.1977 Victoria, TX - Disc with dome and 3 lights (red, green and white) revolving around it is observed shooting off sparks. 05:00

178: 04.06.1977 Palm Springs, CA - American Press Investigative Journalist calls the Center as over 250 people, including the reporter, observe a 30' long object with 3 evenly spaced flashing lights, maneuvers around the city at a height of about 600'. Reporter is desperate to explain the object as he is scheduled to go on the air in less than a half an hour. Robert Gribble tries to help him out because the Air Force, etc., won't comment on it to him. 14:14

179: 04.13.1977 Ottumwa, IA - Extremely bright light traversing slowly and disappears at the horizon. 05:50

180: 04.15.1977 Snohomish, WA - UFO Landing and Dog Mutilation. Three recordings. First, call from witness who observed an lighted object on the ground above a gravel pit. At this location was found a Doberman pincher dog, cut cleanly in half, intestines stacked neatly beside it, no blood traces and internal organs missing. Second, Jerry Philips to Gribble relating his visitation of the site and Third, another investigator reports his findings of the landing site with trace markings (holes in ground and flattened surface). Both of these calls were received at the Center on 04.16.1977. 14:22

181: 04.17.1977 Anchorage, AK - Pilots of Northwest Flight 6 from Tokyo to Anchorage, observe a large orange object pass above them. Series of three recordings. First, FAA Duty Officer notifies the Center. Second, Northwest Airlines Public Information Office calls the Center. Third, Gribble talks to the Air Traffic Controller who manned the scope. 21:43

182: 04.22.1977 Colusa, CA - Large "Astrodome" like glowing object is observed. Interference with television, etc. This is a witness who reported an earlier sighting in 1976. Example of people who have multiple encounters. 05:54

183: 04.23.1977 Corrales, NM - Crescent, moon-like object observed as a couple are in their car. Object changes shape as they get closer. 04:19

184: 04.24.1977 Garden Grove, CA - Armada of 12 triangular objects pass near a drive-in theater. Two witnesses observe slowly move away, while one maintains a hover over nearby trees. Objects had four lights. Four lights on each object. 05:59

185: 04.25.1977 Springfield, IL - Pilot, driving his car, passes near an oval-shaped craft, casting a grayish/blue hue. Object caused turbulence, that rocked and bounced the car, affecting the steering. Object gave off no sound. 15:17

186: 04.27.1977 East Hazelcrest, IL - Disc with red and white lights and as big as a house, is observed by multiple witnesses. 03:38

187: 04.28.1977 Bennington, OK - Disc with red and white lights, meander over the town. Object leaves and returns while the telephone call is in progress. Two recordings. First, notification from civilian witness and Town Marshall and second, call to Center to report object's return. 13:42

188: 04.28.1977 Baton Rouge, LA - Object with a red light, traverses horizon to horizon in under two minutes. 03:56

189: 05.01.1977 Port Jefferson Station, NY - Domed object with 6 windows hovers over trees and then pursues two witnesses. 09:11

190: 05.01.1977 Oakland, CA - Long, thin silver object with white and blue lights, hovers over the tops of trees. 03:55

191: 05.02.1977 Grand Rapids, MI - Objects in V formation. 06:41

192: 05.02.1977 Seattle, WA - Three solid objects with greenish glow and running parallel to each other, descends down toward the harbor. 04:50

193: 05.02.1977 Cleveland, OH - Witnesses observe a bluish, football-shaped object and touches it. Describes it as feeling like "vibrating water." Object gave off a very low turbine-like sound and had a faint odor of acetylene. Witnesses first thought the object was going to crash. Note: An extremely rare event for a witness to a UFO to actually touch it. Listener should note that witness is attempting to describe the incident while still experiencing disbelief, etc. 17:33

194: 05.03.1977 Fremont, CA - Call from Oakland Air Traffic Control asking the Center for literature due to fact that pilots and others report UFOs to them. Although not a UFO report, this call is an example of the influence Robert Gribble's National UFO Reporting Center was having within professional circles. It allowed governmental departments a place to report, since the disbanding of Project Blue Book. 01:24

195: 05.04.1977 St. Louis, MO - Incident from November, 1971 is related by a witness who, along with 50 classmates, observed aliens on a platform. Communications with these beings has been on-going. 04:33

196: 05.04.1977 Downey, CA - Saturn-type object hovers directly over children on the playground at school. Massive vibration felt in immediate area. 11:33

197: 05.07.1977 Ferndale, WA - Hexagonal object with flashing lights and emitting a loud buzzing sound, hovers near two witnesses and emits a an orangish cone of light toward the ground. Two recordings. First, notification from the police department and second, interview with one of the primary witnesses. 10:53

198: 05.09.1977 Ottawa & Paola, KS - Franklin County and Miami County Sheriff Departments, scramble over the planet Venus. 07:40

199: 05.13.1977 Jekyl Island, GA - Two witnesses driving, observed 20-30 wing-like objects with no fuselage showing. They drove their car under the objects, which were hovering over the road. 08:31

200: 05.13.1977 Seymour, TX - Orange ball of fire descends low over Lake Kemp then fades, while appearing to expel something. Three recordings. First, notification of incident by Baylor County Sheriff. Second, first witness interview and third, second witness interview. 11:51

201: 05.14.1977 Harrisburg, PA - A sphere, giving off a whirring noise, with landing pods and a window, pass over the treetops and disappeared in the distance. Multiple witnesses. Three recordings. First, notification of incident from Harrisburg FAA office. Second, notification of incident by Harrisburg Police and third, two witness statements. 12:43

202: 05.17.1977 Encinitas, CA - Disc comes down behind a school and into a small canyon. An hour later it comes out of the canyon, hovers a few feet from 15 school children and a teacher, then zigzags around the school before taking off straight up. Witnesses reported "people with masks on" behind the windows of the object. Note: This Daylight case comes on the heels of No. 196 above. 12:02

203: 05.18.1977 Muscatine, IA - Pulsating reddish light doing erratic maneuvers. I was astounded to find this report in the NUFORC records because I knew the witness when I lived in Muscatine and he said nothing about this to me. Small world, indeed. 03:05

204: 05.19.1977 Newman, CA - Two police officers report a triangular object with red and blue lights hovering next to the PGE power generating plant. Officers within 60' of object before it took off at a high rate of speed. 06:16

205: 05.25.1977 Hazelhurst, GA - Pilot, observing from the ground, sees a silver oblong object with small swept wings, ascend from the ground in a vertical path and leaving a smoke trail. Object then makes a 90 degree turn and speeds off in level flight leaving the same smoking trail. Multiple witnesses. 07:36

206 05.28.1977 Greenville, IN - A group of radio operators talking on Citizen Side Band radios, overhear a conversation between four "starships" and a "Mother ship" in the background. One of the objects was over Evanston, IN. 05:36

207: 05.28.1977 Near Ft. Dicks, CA - Driver observes two pale green objects. Objects pace car and slowly elevates it off the road. 13:16

208: 05.29.1977 Erie, PA - Red, domed disc is observed hovering over the lake. Multiple witnesses. 03:06

209: 06.04.1977 San Francisco Bay near Angel Island, CA - Large object with four smaller objects near it is observed. Large object descends into San Francisco Bay near Angel Island. 08:51

210: 06.12.1977 Castle Rock, WA - Bright light with a burning tail is observed. Object leaves a black trail as it explodes. Two recordings. First, Cowlitz County Sheriff's Department notifies the Center. Second, interview with one of the witnesses. 09:17

211: 06.12.1977 Englewood, CO - Multiple witness CE lll case. Hunters observe four lights. One, in a half-sphere shape, had an entity on it. Entity chased hunters and shots were fired at the entity. 09:39

212: 06.13.1977 Boulder, CO - Physicist reports sighting four objects in loose formation on a horizontal flight path. He is flummoxed by the sighting as he didn't believe in UFOs. A perfect illustration of the phenomena's effect on the scientific mindset when confronted with the reality of the phenomenon. 05:06

213: 06.16.1977 Altus AFB, OK - Altus, OK police officer observe 4 objects traveling at great speed. Objects pass approximately 300-500 feet over the base and two Air Force Police sentries observe the objects. Objects are not painted on base radar. 05:32

214: 06.26.1977 Mt. Vernon, OH - Police Officers Will Schoonover and Lee Black observe a metallic, oblong object, that reflected sunlight and twirled in the air. Object hovered over the Continental Diversified Industries smoke stack before it rose into the clouds. News accounts were published in the Mt. Vernon paper, The News on June 27, 1977. 06:21

215: 06.30.1977 LaVerne, OK - Police Chief and a civilian witness observe a diamond-shaped object with a red light, slowly maneuvering around the edge of town. 06:07

216: 07.11.1977 Fresno, CA - Round object with red lights and giving off a humming sound, approach witnesses. Animal reaction and physical effects reported. 17:03

217: 07.13.1977 Lancaster, PA - Orange objects appear to aerial dog-fight and sent tracers between them. Two recordings. First, notification of event by FAA and second, interview with witness. 11:02

218: 07.13.1977 Duke, OK - Town Marshall observes an oblong object with three lights. Two recordings. First, notification by Altus Sheriff Department and two, interview with the Marshall. Recording ends abruptly. 05:34

219: 07.14.1977 Newman, CA - Police officer observes a large, cigar-shaped object, flying over two private aircraft near the Pacific Gas & Electric plant. Object had fins on both ends. 07:12

220: 07.20.1977 Lake Saratoga, NY - Incident from 08.20.1974. Call received from Air Traffic Controller who relates his notes taken during the incident. Four objects tracked on radar over the Lake while multiple state troopers observe the objects from different locations around the lake. One object tracked at 3500 mph and objects observed splitting into smaller objects. Objects also observed by USAF pilot flying over the area during the incident. This case was reported locally and in the 05.06.1975 issue of the National Inquirer. 24:53

221: 07.22.1977 Bloomfield, CT - Object with flames coming out of top and having landing lights, is observed descending and coming to a hover, then backs up. 03:41

222: 07.25.1977 Jacksonville, FL Air Route Traffic Control - Reports that other ATC and FAA facilities in the area are receiving reports of two objects ascending, trailing blue flame and ejecting an object from beneath. Local law enforcement also was observing the event. 02:02

223: 08.03.1977 Near Condon, OR - Red light maneuvers around aircraft. Multiple witnesses. Two recordings. First, notification from Condon, OR Chief of Police and second, interview of one of the witnesses. Recording ends abruptly. 12:04

224: 08.12.1977 Near Sedro Woolley, WA - CE-lll. Object, making a sound, chases car, lands and departs. Multiple witnesses, vehicle interference and physical effects. Occupant of object observed. 09:28

225: 08.14.1977 Minneapolis, MN - Astronomer reports his observation of an unidentified flying object. 04:29

226: 08.18.1977 Grand Rapids, MI - Witnesses observe a USAF jet fighter enter a cloud bank. Seconds later a metallic disc came out of the cloud bank, followed by two USAF jet fighters. 04:33

227: 08.20.1977 Belt Creek Canyon, MT - Hairy creature observed by a Sergeant from Malmstrom AFB and four others. Creature charged the group after they fired a warning shot. Reported to Center by Jerry Philips. 07:29

228: 08.28.1977 Fort Wayne, IN - Disc-shaped objects lands on a street in a heavily populated area. Multiple witnesses. Object gave off two different sounds and ejected another object before landing. 05:17

229: 08.29.1977 Dodge County, NB - Sheriff reports multiple objects being observed by deputies and citizens. One object landed. Series of four recordings with the Sheriff's Department in Fremont, NB. 07:02

230: 09.08.1977 Maple Heights, OH - Commercial airliner approaching Cleveland-Hopkins Airport, is followed by a silver disc-like object. Multiple witnesses. Airline traveling West followed by object. Object then changed to a northern course. 04:37

231: 09.20.1977 Arvada, CO - CE lll. Two witnesses observe a red, rectangular object, with a pulsating light and emitting a humming-type sound. Physical effects, vehicle interference and time distortion. 22:10

232: 09.24.1977 Cortez, CO - Frontier Airlines passenger plane passes under a large, orangish object. Multiple witnesses. 06:09

233: 09.25.1977 14 Miles East of Amboy, CA - Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputy observes 20-25 bright lights with pointed top, remaining stationary. 06:48

234: 10.01.1977 150 Miles West of Santa Barbara, CA - Pilots for IBM Corporation on a flight from Hawaii to Los Angeles, encounter an 80' Disc off the left side of the aircraft. Object had recessed lights of green, red and yellow. Skin of object wavered. Pilot reports that object paced their aircraft for approximately 10 minutes. Radar from both aircraft and ground did not paint a target from the object. 11:21

235: 10.11.1977 Union City, CA - Witness observes approximately 12 objects in clusters of three, emitting a white substance like spider webs. This is known in Ufology as Angel Hair. USAF jet aircraft approached the objects. This is a daylight sighting. 03:28

236: 10.14.1977 Cantwell, MI - Cone of light directed to ground. Eight foot creature spotted prior to event. Multiple witnesses. Light heated up skin on one of the witnesses. 07:58

237: 10.20.1977 Between Panama and San Francisco at 43,000 Feet - Pilot and co-pilot of a Lear 35 jet encounter a huge object that paced their aircraft for 10-15 minutes. No radar returns. Object was 50' off the left side of the aircraft and the objects skin looked like porous foam rubber. 07:51

238: 10.26.1977 Between Abilene and Dallas, TX at 15,000 Feet - This recording is important because it backs up the sighting of the following incident. In flight between Dyess AFB, TX toward Dallas at 15,000 feet, 1st Lt Seth C. Bryant and 1st Lt Choate, USAF observe a stationary, red glowing light. Static over headsets. NARCP Case 43. These pilots were in the same area as the military flight and gives the Center some background on the sighting, including the malfunctioning of their inboard radar system. Poor recording. 12:10

239: 11.10.1977 Near Bloomfield, NM - Pregnant woman encounters a large, blue object, that makes a touchdown landing in front of her truck and then ascends. Vehicle interference, time displacement. Possible abduction. 09:36

240: 11.30.1977 Walnut Creek, CA - Witness reports landing of a 50 foot, disc-shaped object, with four struts. 02:39

241: 11.30.1977 Between Linden and Fresno, CA at 37,000 Feet - Seven USAF crew members aboard a C-141 flying from Travis AFB to Norton AFB, observed two bright lights that merged and separated. Possibly same object seen in number 240 above. A PSA airliner and a Navy jet were in the same area, but did not report the incident. 09:40

242: 12.06.1977 Between Tokyo and Hawaii at 60,000 Feet - Naval Intelligence pilot flying reconnaissance for CIA, encounters a large triangular craft that paces his F4-11 Phantom for approximately a half-hour. Object was dark in color with no protrusions, lights or outward propulsion system and its surface appearance like foam rubber. Target pasted solidly on planes radar. Plane was in excess of Mach 2.2 and the object stayed within 50 feet off the left wing of the aircraft. Re: Case 237 above for comparison of surface feature. 18:30

243: 12.08.1977 East Moline, IL - Disc with green and red lights, hovers over a power station, while a plane flies over the object. Multiple witnesses. 02:55

244: 12.08.1977 USAF Weather Observation Station at King Salmon, AK - Reporting to Center of two bright objects maneuvering erratically in the area. 02:03

Following is a Radar Case Involving Pt. Mugu Naval Air Station FAA/ATR

245: 12.11.1977 Ventura & Los Angeles Counties, CA - Four objects tracked on radar. Civil aircraft (Golden West) had encounter with one of the objects. Two recordings. First, notification from Pt. Mugu and second, interview with Allen Dredge, pilot of the airliner. The Missile, HQs Pacific Missile Test Center, Vol. 31, No. 14, April 7, 1978. Also, transcribed in MUFON Journal , No. 181, March, 1983, Page 6. 13:38

Following is a Radar Case Involving Ellsworth AFB RAPCON, Denver FAA/ARTCC, Rapid City FAA/FSS and Minneapolis FAA ARTCC

246: 12.17.1977 Near Rapid City, SD - Two objects maneuvering at supersonic speed tracked on radar. USAF plane is chased by objects and Ellsworth RAPCON and SD Weather Radar Station are disabled, as objects pass over the area. Transcribed in MUFON Journal , No. 181, March, 1983, Page 6. 24:46

Supplemental Recordings

Robert Gribble would have conversations with other researchers and also taped interesting tidbits of information from radio newscasts and television programs. The following recordings give further insight into the early workings of NUFORC.

A: Phone conversation between Robert Gribble and Chet Rogers, newsman, on various subjects: Hynek, Major Wayne Aho, etc. 01.06.1975 09:41

B: Robert Gribble is interviewed by the Sacramento Bee newspaper on 03.24.1977. 26:21

C: Alan Hendry of the Center for UFO Studies and Robert Gribble. Parts of recording are very poor due to Gribble's tape recorder malfunctioning during the conversation. 06.15.1977. 23:01

D: Canadian psychic, Peter Uecker, is interviewed on television regarding UFOs, 06.22.1977. 21:15

E: George Garrett of KOL radio, Seattle, WA, does a quick phone interview with Robert Gribble on 01.07.1975. 05:10

F: Grenada Prime Minister, Eric Gairy, on UFOs. November, 1977. 02:25

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