Tuesday, August 22, 2023

PDF of "Phantoms of the Sky" - book by 2 of UK's best UFO researchers (David Clarke and Andy Roberts) - added to archive

"Phantoms of the Sky" is a book by two of Britain's best UFO researchers (David Clarke and Andy Roberts). They have both kindly agreed to my sharing a scanned copy of that book online.  I have added it to the folder of other UFO books that I have obtained permission to upload.

David Clarke has asked me to note that the book remains under copyright and that this needs to be acknowledged.   

The skeptical nature of the book is indicated by the sub-title "UFOs - A Modern Myth?". 

A foreword by another leading UK researcher, Jenny Randles, includes the following warning to readers:

"If you intend to read this book in front of you, I may as well offer my 'health warning'. You had better be prepared to look beyond all these hopes, dreams and romantic illusions which prop up the scaffolding of the UFO movement. You are possibly about to receive a nasty shock, because you will be forced to confront all those things neither media nor UFO fanatics dare tell you. You may also have to wave goodbye to many of the other things which they do tell you - incessantly". 

The conclusion of the book includes the following passage:

"Man does not stand at the crossroads of anything. He stands where he has always stood, apparently alone in a huge universe he is desperately trying to understand but which is becoming continually stranger. The human race is always in a precipitous position, both from its own actions on the external world and from its beliefs about what the purpose of life is. Strange experiences, stranger beliefs and warnings of impending doom or salvation have been with us since the dawn of time but despite thousands of years of philosophical thought and scientific method, we are only just beginning to make any sense of the universe which surrounds us and have only just realized that there is an equally large universe within us".

I hope to upload more books by David Clarke and Andy Roberts in the next few days.


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