Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Best UFO book in last 50 years? PDF of "The UFOs That Never Were"

"The UFOs That Never Were" is arguably the best UFO book published in the last 50 years. 

The authors (Jenny Randles, Andy Roberts and David Clarke) provided a model of collaboration between leading researchers, with excellent analysis and supporting references.  

They have now all kindly given their permission for me to upload a scanned copy of their book to my online archive hosted by the AFU.

This book contained a skeptical look at some classic UFO cases which remain well known, including Rendlesham Forest and the Berwyn Mountain "crash".

It contained eye-opening examples of misidentifications and hoaxes. 

Hopefully, my posting this book online will mean that more people in ufology will study the content of this book...     

David Clarke has asked me to note that the book remains under copyright and that this needs to be acknowledged.   


  1. Bonjour et grand merci Isaac, pour l'accès à cet ouvrage et à toutes ces archives ufologiques.