Wednesday, February 15, 2023

PDFs : More UFO newsletters from the UK, USA and USSR - Uranus (UK), Roundhouse (USA), Cosmic News (USA), UFO vokryg nas (USSR), Fenid UFO za i protiv (USSR)

In further collaboration with CUFOS in the USA, and various others (including the AFU in Sweden), I have uploaded some further UFO newsletters from the USA and UK. Also, thanks again to Ukrainian researcher Igor Kalytyuk, with some assistance from various researchers in Russia (particularly George Fedorovskiy and Mikhail Gershtein) to obtain relevant material and permissions, I have also uploaded further UFO material from the USSR.

The new additions today include:

UK folder - Uranus (Eric Biddle)

USA folder - Roundhouse

USA folder - Cosmic News (Pierce and Neuberger)

USSR folder - Fenid UFO za i protiv (UFO pros and cons, Gomel Club Fenid)

USSR folder - UFO vokryg nas (UFO around us, Knowledge society)

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