Sunday, June 26, 2022

Nancy Tremaine (UFO experiencer/abductee) collection online : "first recorded abduction case" - In new Grant Cameron UFO archive folder

I have now created a new folder in the online UFO archive for material received from Canadian researcher Grant Cameron. The first addition to that folder is a collection of material provided by UFO experiencer/abductee Nancy Tremaine. Grant Cameron has kindly obtained permission for me to upload this collection and sent me a copy of it.

This collection is in the form of a document with embedded MP3 files, images, emails etc.

Grant has commented that he considers this to be "a significant collection".

The covering introduction in that document states "This is the first recorded abduction case in the United States and possibly the world. It is also the first account of encountering the grey aliens".

Grant has also explained the following:

"In the past I published the first book and wrote the foreword to a second book for Nancy Tremaine."

"She was abducted in July 61 a few months ahead of the Hills. I asked her to gather her files for history which she did."

"The case is significant as there were a lot of witnesses including police. Nancy tracked down the names of every, conducted interviews and regressions that were all taped, including the police chief."

"There is a off-broadway musical that has been written about the abduction."

"She set it up like an archives collection which I provided an outline to."

"I think this is a significant collection."

The document includes a table of contents relating to the collection, as follows:

1. Biography of Nancy Tremaine

2. Nancy Tremaine’s Books

3. Audio Recordings and Conversations

4. Radio Shows and Video Tapes

5. My Drawings and Pictures

6. Dreams

7. Photos and Newspaper Articles

8. Emails

9. This and That

10. “HYPNOTTA” The Broadway Musical


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