Thursday, March 24, 2022

10 UFO books/booklets by Rick Hilberg (veteran UFO researcher, USA) added

Rick Hilberg (the veteran ufologist in the USA) has kindly provided the AFU in Sweden with a number of his rare UFO publications. The AFU has helpfully scanned some of these rare publications.

(There aren't many people still active in UFO research and investigation in 2022 that can refer back to a booklet they wrote in 2004 about the 42 years they had spent in ufology by that date, i.e. have now been active in ufology for 60 years. That booklet is one of the items included in the new uploads). 

I have now added searchable copies of 10 of these rare publications (with Rick's permission) to the "Books" section of the AFU's website. These publications are each about 30 to 40 pages long. They are:

Hilberg, Rick - 42 Years A UFO Editor's Retrospective

Hilberg, Rick - A Decade of Flying Saucers 1950-1960

Hilberg, Rick - A Flying Saucer Scrapbook

Hilberg, Rick - A Gray Barker Reader I

Hilberg, Rick - A Gray Barker Reader II

Hilberg, Rick - A Gray Barker Reader III

Hilberg, Rick - A Significant Ufological Year 1966

Hilberg, Rick - A Ufological Snapshot 1980-1981

Hilberg, Rick - Around and About the Saucer World

Hilberg, Rick - FSD Revisited

During the last few years I have already uploaded some of Rick's other material (with his permission) thanks to scanning by the AFU, Barry Greenwood and others. Those previous uploads included many issues of Rick's "UFO Magazine" and a collection of his photos of UFO researchers from the 1950s-1990s (including Hynek, Gray Barker, John Keel, Betty Hill and many others).

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